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March 5, 2015

AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 : How to Setup a No Disarm Notification?

This type of notifications could possibly be used when you want to be notified when a child is supposed to be home by a certain time, and did not arrive at that time. In order to set this up the first thing you would want to do is open your Total Connect 2.0 application. On the events, rules & notifications bar, select the setup icon. You want to select from the event category; just for an example select the security icon. From the security tab to the arming event category, select the event disarmed to be notified of. On the right click notification. The notification window will appear, enter the name for the email notification. Next on the sent to drop-down menu select the user group to notify. Make sure the enabled box is checked. The fact that you want to be notified if this event does not occur, ensure the notify me when this event does not occur has a marker next to it. Next you will click the Sched/ State edit button to setup the actual schedule. Set the schedule parameters, then click save. The default group will be notified when a disarmed condition does not occur by 4:30 pm on any weekday.

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