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June 29, 2015

Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 5834-4EN: DIY How to Program Sensor?

Today we are going to show you how to program a 5834-4EN 4 button key transmitter into the LYNX Touch L7000 wireless security system. The first thing we are gonna do is select security, more, tools, default installer code ” 4112″. Now you want to select the button that says program, select the button labeled keys. Now you will see that there are no items to display select add new. Make sure the key type that is selected is 4 button because this transmitter has 4 buttons. Now you will want to assign a user we will use master for now. Now its time to learn the serial number in once that is selected. Use button one or the “arm away” button to learn the serial number in. You will be pressing this button in 3 sequences.

Press and hold the arm away button once, the system will acknowledge. Press the arm away button once again, now you will see the serial number and the loop number appear. Verify that the serial number and loop number are learned correctly with the 5834-4EN programming guide located inside the manufacturer box. Once you have verified this information click the arm away button one final time and this will bring you back to the programming section. Now you want to look at the bottom 4 boxes in this guide these will be the actions for the buttons. To the top left is arm away or button 1, button 2 is for disarm, button 3 is for arm stay “deactivating motion detectors”. The last box or button 4 comes un programmed. What we like to do at GEOARM security is program this as a 24 hour audible panic. To do this click the no response button, locate 24 hour audible siren and select that. After the completion of this select save and it is time to back out of programming to test your key fob buttons to verify all of your keys work the way you like them to.

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March 24, 2015

Honeywell’s APL “Advanced Protection Logic”

Hey Everyone Brad Finger here with GEOARM Security. Today we will be talking about Honeywell’s proprietary APL or (Advance Protection Logic.) which is available with LYNX Touch and LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless Security systems.The L3000 must have a revision number of 21.10 or higher to utilize this feature.
Now,In most homes people will set there most frequent points of entry on delay mode. This is where you enter your home and the system gives you around 30 seconds to disarm before it goes into an alarm. Since the brains of the system are all consolidated into the panel there is a risk in placing your panel near one of these delayed zones. If an intruder was to break into your home through one of these delay zones they could run in, grab the system, and either smash it or throw it in a bucket of water rendering the system. Luckily with professional monitoring through GEOARM and the activation of the APL your system will send a ping to our central monitoring station every time one of these delay doors is opened letting us know the system is ok. Once you enter your 4 digit disarm pass code we will receive another signal letting us know you have disarmed your system and it is still in tact. If we don’t receive this final ping we will than treat it as an alarm and reach out to the emergency contact list provided by the client and dispatch if protocol calls for that. In our opinion this feature is a very important feature to activate on your system. If you have any questions please contact us 1-877-443-6276 and be on the look out for many more video blogs to come your way!

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