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June 4, 2015

Honeywell L5000DM Easy Desk Mount for LYNX Touch L5000, L5100, and L5200

Honeywell L5000DM

Honeywell L5000DM


The Honeywell L5000DM is a desk mount stand which is compatible with all LYNX Touch L5000, L5100, and L5200 wireless security systems. This accessory makes an installation very simple especially for the novice diyer. Typically most end users tend to install the wireless security system on the wall by drilling holes and using anchors to support the system.

The L5000DM makes an install a breeze because it basically replaces the stock back plate which the LYNX Touch series panels come with and uses this as its back plate.  If you are looking for a top quality alarm system with a very simple install than this is for you. This feature does not hinder any security features of any sort. The best way to make your alarm system full proof of course would be by adding our Professional alarm monitoring or our Professional interactive alarm monitoring along with APL protection.




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