Learn how to Wire a External Hardwired Powered Siren into the Honeywell L5210 System

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system is the newest system released by Honeywell Security. From factory the Honeywell L5210 comes with an 85db internal siren. Many people seem to think that is not quite loud enough to alert their neighbors. We are providing you with this DIY home and business security video to assist you with the installation of a powered external hardwired siren kit into the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system. In this particular video we use a Honeywell 702 powered outdoor siren but, that doesn’t mean you have to do the same their are other powered siren options that also include a strobe light such as the Amseco SSX-52-s. The biggest thing to keep in mind when ever deciding on which powered siren to go with is that it does not exceed 1.2 amps as this is the maximum output for the power supply we are using. Some things to keep in mind while installing a powered hardwired siren to the Honeywell L5210 is you will need to run wires from the powered hardwired siren back to the external hardwired kit. Once you have completed installing the powered external siren kit tuck all of the excess beanies back into the box for clean installation.

SIRENKIT-OD - Honeywell Outdoor Siren Kit for Honeywell LYNX-Series Control-Panels

SIRENKIT-OD – Honeywell Outdoor Siren Kit for Honeywell LYNX-Series Control-Panels

The part number for the GEOARM powered external hardwired siren kit is SIRENKIT-OD. This kit will include 1 power transformer, 1 sensitive relay, 1 IM 1240 backup battery, a can, and optional 702 siren selection and a power supply. Follow this how to video so that you too can have a very loud Honeywell L5210 wireless security system along with a powered external hardwired alarm siren.


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 DIY Home Security – GEOARM Security YouTube Page Has 500 How-to-videos

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As we all know as business and home security technology equipment gets more and more advanced, it will become easier and easier for the end user’s to do their own installations/maintenance on new security system’s or existing alarm system’s for alarm monitoring. That will mean there will be less of a need for the security companies out there to have to physically send a technician to your home for any reason. This will in turn mean less overall costs associated with having a security system and more privacy by not having to let a stranger’s into your business or home.

With that being said one of the biggest reasons for this advancement is the evolution of YouTube and the growth of the howto and style genre videos section. GEOARM Security is one of the pioneers of these type of videos and we are proud to announce that the GEOARM Security YouTube page has hit 500+ DIY security videos. These videos assist all of the DIY security end users whether they are a client of ours or not. We wanted to let the world know we are dedicated to providing you with highest quality and most informative DIY security videos for older and brand new wireless, wired, and hybrid security systems.


 Honeywell 3GL Cellular Communicator: How to Locate MAC And CRC Serial Number’s

DIY How to Locate MAC And CRC Serial Number’s on the Honeywell 3GL Cellular Communicator. This is the number that will be needed upon trying to activate your professional central station monitoring with GEOARM! This communicator is also one of the main reasons why the lynx touch series wireless alarm systems are able to use total connect 2.0 interactive alarm monitoring.

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3 Days left on GEOARM's July 4th Extended Holiday Sale!

3 Days left on our special July 4 extended sales!

On July 31st our epic GEOARM July Sale will be coming to an end. This means this is your last chance to take advantage of our 5% off coupon code. So, if you have to replace your ancient 2g cellular radio, this is a good time to buy your equipment for less money from GEOARM. As we have been posting, the cellular networks (such as AT&T) have published that they plan on sun-setting the 2G cellular towers by the end of the this year. Please go here to upgrade to newer 3g/4g cellular modules so you are not left unprotected.


 GEOARM Security is Safer eCommerce!

Finance with PayPal interest free for 6 months!

Finance with PayPal interest free for 6 months!

There are so many main stream alarm companies out there that claim they have “free” systems. We all know in life nothing is free. Before taking a risk with a company and sign up for a long term contract, give us a call to let us evaluate your situation and you could be shocked how much money you can save. We offer secure no-money-down financing for up to 6-months though PayPal®.