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August 28, 2015

GE Simon XT V2: How to Change the Time on your Wireless Security System


In this video you will be getting a walk through on how to change the time on your GE Simon XT V2 wireless security system. To change the time on the Simon XT, you will have to hit the down arrow button to navigate through your panel until you see “Set Clock”, then press the OK button. Enter your  default installer code 4321 than hit OK. After you enter your code it will ask you too “Set Clock”, So with the same arrow navigation buttons you can manipulate the time. Now it will first ask you to change the hour once you selected the correct hour option select OK, next it will prompt you to enter in the current minute, after you have entered in the correct minutes select OK and lastly select whether it is currently am or pm. After your time looks accurate go ahead and select the ok button one last time and hit the status button to exit out of this field.

How to change the time on your GE simon xt v2 wireless security system.

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August 7, 2015

Qolsys IQ Panel: How to Install the QS-1112-P01 Mini-Door/Window Contact

DIY How to Install the QS-1112-P01 Mini-Door and Window Contact in conjunction with your Qolsys IQ wireless security system.

Take your QS-1112-P01 mini-door and window contact, remove all the contents from the box carefully. The box should contain the magnet, sensor, packet of adhesive and most important the instructions. Next, you will begin to put the adhesive on the sensor and the magnet, then pull off the battery tabs. Now you are ready to install it. Before you install the QS-1112-P01 mini-door and window contact make sure you pull off the adhesive, clean the mounting surface with rubbing alcohol and apply the sensor on the door frame and the magnet on the actual moving part of the door/window. Please make sure you have the magnet lined up with the triangle as shown in the video. You will also notice there is a knockout on the back of the QS-1112-P01 mini-door and window contact. Screw that part into the wall so if someone attempted to pull the device off the wall it will trigger a tamper the alarm.

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March 13, 2015

ASG1000-1T5NAS Interactive Hub (For Telguard Home Control)

The NETGEAR ASG1000-1T4NAS Interactive Gateway for DSC Power series and Impassa is an innovative service gateway providing connectivity to security systems. Your Power Series or Impassa security system in conjunction with the ASG1000-1T4NAS gateway will allow you the flexibility of installing touch screens, and cameras without compromising functionality. The interactive hub also enables you to have easy access to many home automation features such as the control of lights, locks, and or thermostats that are z wave compatible while you are home or away. The modern and sleek design takes up less desk or shelf space than a traditional hub and easily exists with any decor. ThisASG1000-1T4NAS Gateway provides quick, easy, and complete connectivity with all certified devices including touch screens, cameras, security system and z-wave devices.

  • Ethernet gateway with broadband connection to router

  • Exclusively with Telguard Home Control Services

  • Broadband terminal for hardwired devices: C24-CAMANL

  • Provides private WiFi network for Interactive devices: C24-CAM54IR, C24-TOUCH

  • Integrated Z-wave support: Thermostats (TBZ48D), Lights, Door Locks

  • RS422 terminal to connect with DSC compatible communicators

  • Compatible with: DSC Power Series v4.6 with IT-230,3G2060R, TL2603GR or TL260R

  • IMPASSA SCW9057 v1.1 and3G2055, TL255, TL2553G or IT-235 (coming soon)


March 10, 2015

The ADC-V820 Indoor Fixed – Dome POE IP Security Camera V820 Wireless IP Camera ADC-V820 Wireless IP Camera

The ADC-V820 is’s new vandal-proof IP camera. Made specifically to work with the hosted video service, it provides a professional surveillance solution. HD 720P live and 1280 x 800 recorded videos are available to customers through web-enabled computers, cell phone web browsers and via application on your smart phone. This camera has a learn button on it so if your router has a WPS button then you can just learn this camera into your router without plugging in a Ethernet cable to it. If on the other hand you don’t have a WPS button on your router you will need to temporarily connect this camera to your router to learn the camera into the services. This camera is a wonderful addition to any home or business.

For more information and specs on this terrific ADC-V820

Installer manual


February 5, 2015

How to Wire the Transformer to a Honeywell LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless Security System

  1. Depress the two tabs at the top of the Honeywell LYNX L3000 Wireless Security System
  2. Be gentle when laying the system down you don’t want to crack the face of the system
  3. You will need 22 *2 gauge wire for this application, you will want to have it cut to the length from the control panel to the outlet.
  4. Pay attention to how the video shows both ends of the wire being cut in a different manner.
  5. The Honeywell LYNX L3000 Wireless Security System uses AC current so don’t worry about any polarity.
  6. When running the wire through the back mounting panel, tie a knot so the wire is not trying to pull itself out of the terminals.
  7. Try not to expose any excess copper either on the transformer itself or into the panel because you could run the risk of shorting your panel out.
  8. When screwing the wire’s into the terminals use caution don’t screw them into the panel to rough because you could strip the terminal you are using metal screws into a plastic terminal.
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