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August 4, 2015

Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000: DIY How to Install the 3GL Cellular Communicator

Today I am going to show you how to install the 3GL cellular communicator into the LYNX Touch L7000 wireless security system. Note: Before working with your Honeywell LYNX touch L7000 unplug the backup battery and make sure the L7000 transformer is detached from any power outlet. Organize all of the contents of the wireless security system and the cellular communicator. You will be working with three screws, the 3gl module, and the cellular card. When opening all of these boxes make sure to keep packaging in re sell-able condition in case you need to return the items for any reason.
Depress the two tabs located on the top of the Honeywell L7000 wireless security system. I like to you use a small flat head screw to open the panel. Take the GSM chip that comes with the 3gl cellular communicator. Locate the side on the chip that says GSM. That part will slide into the female slot on the 3gl cellular communicator. Once that has been completed locate the 3 screw terminals in the bottom left of the system and as shown on our video. Align the screws and communicator in their designated slots. Once all three screws have been inserted your communicator is now in place. Locate the Mac and Mac Crc numbers off of the communicator and make note of that as you will need this to activate cellular monitoring with GEOARM. Plug in your backup battery make sure your transformer is wired correctly, seal the panel up and plug in your transformer and Call us so we can schedule your tech appointment to go online with our remote tech support!

DIY How to install the 3GL Cellular Communicator into the LYNX touch L7000 wireless security system.

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January 22, 2015

Honeywell GSM-ANT3DB AlarmNet Weatherproof Remote GSM Antenna

The Honeywell GSM-ANT3DB is a weatherproof remote external GSM cellular antenna that is compatible with an array of AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicators and dual path alarm monitoring communicators. The Honeywell GSM-ANT3Db has a higher gain (3dBi) than the standard GSM antenna of an AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator’s so that means three times the signal strength! We recommend adding the Honeywell GSM-ANT3dB if your AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator is checking in outside of the acceptable range. If that is happening, your Honeywell keypad would be showing a 103 fault.

There are three different extension cable options which are not included when purchasing the GSM-ANT3DB alone but, you can purchase one of these three kits to mount , depending on how long of a cable you need   5 ’, 25’, or 50’ from your AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator. The versatile, weatherproof design of the GSM-ANT3dB allows you to install the GSM3DB inside or outside so that you can get the optimal cellular signal strength for your monitored security system.

The Honeywell GSM-ANT3dB Weatherproof Remote Antenna optimizes transmissions with field diversity technology. The versatile, weatherproof design is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

The Honeywell GSM-ANT3db as we were stating earlier is compatible with numerous AlarmNet cellular communicators those include all of the following:

We have also noticed that a lot of people feel that the Honeywell GSM-ANT3Db is not a compatible addition to the Honeywell LYNX touch series panels that is not the case. All you would have to do is just add the GSM-EXT adapter.

We are also including some manuals for your convience:

Data Sheet for GSM-ANT3DB

Guide for AlarmNet antennas

Technical Document for AlarmNet GSM Antennas

Installation Guide for AlarmNet GSM-ANT3dB Antenna


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