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July 14, 2015

Existing Cellular 2G Alarm Systems are at Risk!

Dont let your alarm system be rendered by this transformation.

Don’t let your alarm system be effected by this transition.

To all of our valued followers,

We really want to emphasize the importance of upgrading your 2G wireless cellular communicators before the sunset clause takes place. Existing 2G devices will no longer work after Dec 31, 2015 according to the cellular providers. Our sales team would love to assist you in finding the most cost effective and compatible route in order to keep your security system operating correctly. Here at GEOARM, we don’t want your property or loved ones to be left unprotected for any period of time.

Over the past few months, we have been sending emails to all of those that will be affected by this cellular transition. So, please check that you have received said emails, as this is one of our methods of contacting you regarding important security topics.

In summary, if you have an older 2G model, please upgrade to a new 3G wireless cellular communicator as soon as possible!

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


October 2, 2014

How to Wire a TG-1 Express 3G/4G Universal Alarm Communicator?

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  • Push the two indentations on the bottom of the communicator with a tiny flat head screwdriver.
  • Once communicator face plate is lifted off look on the bottom left of the communicator you should see 5 pins sticking up.
  • Locate the blue bus that comes in the plastic rappers out of the box
  • Looking at the front of the bus all the way to the right is your power “red” and to the immediate left of the power will be the area for the ground “black” to be wired.
  • Run the wires through the back of the communicator and wire the power into its designated slot as well as the ground.
  • Slide the bus onto the 5 pins again making sure the power is all the way to the right and the ground right next to it on the left.
  • Run the phone cable through the back as well and make sure it slides into its designated area until it clicks
  • Screw in the antenna and you all set!

September 24, 2014

Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 Wireless Security System Introduction

The all new Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 wireless security system has finally been released to the public. This all-in-one robust wireless security system sports some very innovative feature’s including a new 7 inch touchscreen display which is a huge step up from the also recently released Honeywell L5200 system which is at 4.7 inches. Honeywell not only increased the size of the touchscreen display for overall navigation purposes but they had a larger picture in mind. They were able to allow four cameras to be viewed on the actual 7 inch touchscreen display. This is huge so you don’t have to jump from camera to camera to get an idea of what is going on at your property. Keep in mind that in order to use this feature it is necessary for you to add the Honeywell L5100-Wifi card or you will only be able to view these video clips on your Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 application.

The Honeywell L7000 wireless security system has also been given some major upgrades in the sense of the amount of zones you can program into the security system. In previous Honeywell LYNX Touch security systems you would have a maximum of 64 wireless sensors now you are looking at a total of 80 wireless zones with one hardwired zone that can be used for a normally closed sensor such as a door contact. This may not apply to the average consumer but, for a business or a large home this may be just the answer for you. Lastly the Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 wireless security system is able to handle one extra garage door totaling 4 and one extra thermostat totaling four as well. Previous models of LYNX touch where only able to handle 3 thermostats and 3 garage doors.

All in all this is the premiere Honeywell all-in-one wireless security system and has been given the best in show at Electronic Security expo this year.




View up to 4 Security Cameras on the L7000 Security System

Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 Wireless Security System



For the lowest No-Term alarm monitoring rates contact GEOARM Security 1-877-443-6276



Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 Frequently Asked Questions







Alarm Monitoring:


September 23, 2014

Modern Cellular 3G/4G or CDMA Alarm Monitoring

It’s the 21st century and everything has evolved including wireless security systems and alarm monitoring services. In the past older, outdated wireless security systems that used cellular communicators had some bad tendencies. They were infamous for picking up interference from other local security systems or electrical devices. This means the alarm systems could be triggered accidentally causing confusion and inconveniences for everyone. With the evolution of technology wireless security system and monitoring there are now no longer and interference issues with these types of alarm systems.

This is excellent news for all the diyers out there! This makes everything so much easier when installing your wireless alarm system. You no longer have to worry about having a dedicated land line hooked directly into your alarm system. Not only is this more convenient for the install but, this also means that you no longer need to have a dedicated phone line just for you alarm system so you can save some money.

Cellular alarm monitoring is becoming more and more popular these days not only for the reasons I listed above but, there are also a few more benefits of using cellular alarm monitoring services. Cellular alarm monitoring combined with a system from Geoarm Security you can add interactive services and have home automation. Interactive services are where you can arm and disarm your alarm system from you iPhone or ipad as long as your system is capable of supporting these features. Home automation is another feature which can be used in conjunction with your cellular monitored wireless security system. This feature is basically where you can open and close doors with the proper equipment; you can raise or lower the temp of your thermostat, and even open and close garage doors.


July 19, 2010

DSC GS3060 Universal Cellular Alarm Monitoring

With GeoArm’s new low prices, you can now add cellular alarm monitoring to your system with the GS3060 today. DSC’s GS3060 Cellular Alarm Communicator is universal to any control panel that has Contact ID as a communication option. Most modern control panel’s can be connected to the GS3060 with a simple 2-wire connection, and all signals will then be transmitted to GeoArm’s central station over AT&T’s cellular GSM network.

GS3060 Universal Cellular Alarm Communicator

DSC GS3060 Universal Cellular Alarm Communicator

Cellular alarm monitoring service from GeoArm starts at just $15 per month! Don’t have a phone line for your alarm system? Want to protect your system from phone line cut? The GS3060 is an excellent fit to transition most existing alarm systems to cellular service. GeoArm’s experienced alarm technicians pre-program and pre-wire all cellular alarm communicators before they are shipped to provide clients with the easiest possible installation. So, you can get your system communicating to GeoArm’s central station over the most reliable communication path!


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