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October 30, 2014

The 5800C2W convert wired to wireless security system by Honeywell Security

The 5800C2W enables retrofitting existing security systems by; converting their wired sensors to Honeywell’s 5800 series wireless technology, and replacing the existing control panel with a LYNX Touch or LYNX Plus series control. The 5800C2W also works with residential VISTA control panels equipped with a wireless RF receiver and keypad. It saves on installation costs, time and materials since there is no need to replace wired devices with individual transmitters. The calibration feature on the 5800C2W solves a frustrating problem, When converting hardwire to wireless zones, the first thing you need to do is find all the resistors. Many times resistors can be in the walls or buried in the window frame. Tried digging those out? Talk about labor! The 5800C2W has a one button calibration. Press it and forget about resistor issues.  It will automatically calibrate the value from 2k to 9k. Now that’s a labor saver!

5800C2W Keep-in-Mind Guidelines:

  • Since the existing control panel is being replaced, its security functions will be performed by the new LYNX or VISTA control panel.
  • The existing control panel can remain for the purpose of housing the backup battery. Further, the existing control panel can be powered down and the transformer unplugged.
  • The 5800C2W module will charge the battery. This is also a good time to replace the existing battery if needed.
  • At the existing control panel, tag and remove the sensor wires as they will now go to the 5800C2W. Up to nine [9] hardwired zones can be handled by each 5800C2W module.
  • DO NOT mount inside the control panel or other metal enclosure.
  • The integral battery cable fuse MUST be positioned inside the control panel enclosure. The fuse is not replaceable.
  • Before mounting permanently, conduct Go/No Go tests (see control’s instructions) to verify adequate signal strength, relocate if necessary.
  • If necessary, affix the SOC label to the inside cover.


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October 3, 2014

Honeywell VISTA Automation Module (VAM)

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Do you have a vista series wired alarm system? Have you always wanted to be able to do home automation but, thought your system couldn’t support it? Your questions have been answered; Honeywell has come up with a module called “VAM” or Vista Automation Module. This module will allow most Honeywell Vista series panels to do home automation.

For those readers that this is the first time hearing about home automation no worries, I will bring you up to speed. Home automation essentially is where your alarm system can communicate with z wave devices. There are z wave light modules, z wave door locks, z wave thermostats, z wave blind controls and more! Once you have those modules installed and ready to go, you can then control these devices via iPhone, Ipad, or even computer. So if you forget to arm your system, lock your doors, or turn the ac down before your leave, not to worry you can log right into your alarm net app and handle all of those issues right from the palm of your hand!

For maximum engagement with you alarm system and z wave devices linked to your system you would want to sign up for interactive monitoring services. This feature continues to become more popular with the advancement of home automation. With the VAM combined with interactive monitoring you can have endless possibilities as to what you can do with your home. For more information or to see if your system is compatible with this module contact us!!


September 18, 2014

Introducing the Honeywell L5200 Wireless Security System

The Honeywell L5200 is one of the latest wireless alarm systems to hit the market. The 5200 system is a lovely addition to Honeywell’s LYNX series wireless panels. This system has added many key features that will change the consumers notions about what a quality alarm system will offer from now on. Not only with the sleeker new look but, also the way the system connects with the consumer.

The 5200 system offers some of the same features as the 5100 system. Both of these systems offer a 4.7 inch touchscreen display with the same resolution and amount of colors that are offered. The 5100 system also, offer’s the same amount of zone capabilities 64 total zones, 48 of them programmable while 16 of them are designated for key fob zones. These two systems also have similarities in the ability to use z wave devices in conjunction with home automation services offered by alarm net.

The L5200 wireless alarm system offers abilities and features that previous systems did not. Most importantly the l5200 system sets itself apart with its flash upgradable abilities. Geoarm thinks this is a magnificent addition to the LYNX series panels. This will allow the consumers the availability to have all of the new updates that Honeywell releases without needing a cable, or a technician to download the update which can take 3-12 hours to complete and would not allow the user to use interactive services. Most would say that this feature would be hard to match with its convenience factor but, Honeywell has surprised us again with the 5200’s ability to view a camera from the 4.7 inch display!

Geoarm security has paved the way for other DIY “do-it-together” companies out there and not only do we believe in the DIY concept but, we truly have merged into what we call a DIT “Do-It-TOGETHER” company because we truly are here for our clients and we don’t want you to do it alone we want to help you every step of the way! With that being said Geoarm has created numerous kits for the L5200 wireless security system, and we have made it so easy for you to locate the communication path that will suit you and your family best. Once you have decided on which communication path works best our kits make it very simple for you to add additional compatible items to your kit.

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