Security Tip: Change Master Code to any Honeywell L3000 or Vista Panel

If you are ever looking to change the master code to your alarm system for a Honeywell L3000 or Vista alarm panel, follow these exact steps!

(1.) Enter your master code
(2.) Press the numbers 8,0,2
(3.) Enter your new code twice until the keypad beeps
(4.) Enter your old code to make sure it has been removed
(5.) Enter your new code to make sure it arms the system

 Security Tip: Change/Add User Code to any Honeywell L5000 or L5100 Panel

If you are ever looking to add a new user code to your alarm system or simply change your existing code for a Honeywell L5000 or L5100 system, follow these exact steps!

(1.) Press on the “Tools” tab
(2.) Enter your master code
(3.) Press on the “Users” tab
(4.) Press “Add New”
(5.) Edit the Name
(6.) Enter new User Code
(7.) Press the “Save” tab

 Security Tip: Change the Date and Time on your DSC Alarm System

If you ever change the backup battery on your system, you will notice that the date and time will need to be reset. Here are some step by step instructions to reset the date and time:

(1). Press “*” then “6″ then “master code” then “1″
(2). Enter the time and date (military format) then enter the 2 digit month, then the 2 digit day and then the 2 digit year
(3). “#” “#” to exit programming

 Check Out New Carbon Monoxide Requirements in your State….

Do you think your system is up to date and meets all state requirements for monitoring? This poisonous gas is odorless and undetectable to the naked eye. Each year 170 people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. High level CO poisoning can result in mental confusion, vomiting, loss of muscular coordination, loss of consciousness and ultimately death. Check out the requirements to monitor this deadly gas here: Carbon Monoxide State Requirements

 Can Honeywell Security Systems Be Self-Monitored?

DIY monitoring flow chart

Absolutely, with GeoArm the option for total connect is always available for Do-It-Yourselfer’s and Professionals. With No-Term “self” alarm monitoring plans starting at $8 a month, you are never locked into a long-term commitment and can cancel your services at any time.

If you are a big DIY’er than this interactive option will satisfy your remote control security system desires. Additionally, there are also a lot of perks that can also be added with Honeywell Total Connect interactive software. If you are the customer who likes to control almost anything and everything from a cell phone (Apple, Android, BlackBerry and more!), computer or iPad then this is the service you want. A technology called “Z-Wave” will make all of your Home Automation control dreams come true. With a Z-Wave compatible system you can control your doors, locks, lights, thermostats, flood control detectors, etc. If an alarm is ever triggered, you are immediately notified via text message and/or email notification so you are the first to know, right when it happens. If your system has Honeywell Total Connect security cameras you can log in from your phone, computer, etc and see exactly what is going on. You can control up to six (6) wireless cameras under one rmaccount. Look in live to manage your property, get email/text message video clip motion-activated notifications (of 10 seconds duration) and store this information offsite on the cloud.

 How Many Zones Does L5100 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System Have?

Honeywell L5100 Wireless Alarm Control Panel

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 wireless alarm control panel is a very popular, yet very functional alarm control panel. The system can use up to 64 independent wireless zones. So, in addition to protecting your property against burglary, you may also add smoke or heat detectors, carbon monoxides sensors, environmental sensors, Z-Wave home automation devices and more!

Zone one can be hardwired and the rest of the zones (2-64) are wireless. Additionally, the L5100 comes with six temperature zones (80-85) that can be programmed with the L5100-ZWave controller and Z-Wave thermostats like the Honeywell ZWSTAT. Zone 95 is for fire panic, zone 96 is for medical panic, and zone 99 is for police panic.

You can look at the Honeywell compatible wireless devices here: 5800-Series wireless sensors

You may also look at the wireless home automation compatible devices here: Z-Wave Sensors

 Now Utilize all of’s Resources to help you with any and all questions related to installation and programming!

GeoArm Free Resources for DIYers has continued to increase the information provided on our website in order to meet the variety of needs of customers in this ever changing market. Videos, blogs and FAQ’s are just to name a few. Here are some links to our resources. Here is another link to our section on frequently asked questions as well.

 Reintroducing Videofied Security Products!

Everyone be on the lookout for our line of Videofied products being reintroduced to Now you can add video verification to your alarm monitoring! Coming soon!

 Real GEOARM Security Customers Love Us!

This is from Marc, in Florida:

“I just got my new DSC Connect 24 (“C24″) interactive security system installed and got it up and running with GEOARM. I have every possibility and option with my security system in combination with my Z Wave Home Automation System that’s unbelievable. I open my garage door and the security system disarms and the home automation turns on the light in the house. At night when I walk to the fridge, I pass by a motion detector the detector now triggers the light in the kitchen, no need for me to find the light switch in the dark. It’s unbelievable what the system is capable of. With the help and knowledge from GEOARM’s support it wouldn’t be possible for me to set it up.They made it real easy. The best is the PRICE, I was in business to get a new system, ADT offers the PULSE system .. which is exactly the same what the DSC C24 Interactive is .. one little difference is the monthly price. Also the Comcast Xfinity System that is out now in most states is the same system .. even here Comcast is trying to be cheap on the monthly .. GEOARM is still cheaper and it’s a better SUPPORT .. If you ever called Comcast you know what I’m talking about. If you call GEOARM you get directly an answer .. the stuff is always friendly and even response quickly on emails. I’m really impressed. I’m with GEOARM now since almost 3 yrs and they saved me a lot of money. Thanks Guys !!!!”

 Check out the New 4G GSM Communicators for Honeywell Vista Panels!!

The Vista 4G GSM Communicators allow customers to upgrade their current Honeywell Vista Series alarm panel with a 4G GSM communicator. 4G is the fastest way to send a GSM alarm signal. These communicators are a great addition to an alarm system and vastly improve your systems reliability and efficiency!