How to Choose an Alarm Monitoring Company?

When selecting an alarm monitoring company there will be a few things to out look for before making your decision. Try to find an security company that provides top notch and consistent monitoring services, a large selection of security systems, interactive software and applications that integrate with your smart devices for remote control, a broad selection of FAQs and most importantly a plethora of online how to videos for easy technical support.

DIY Home and Business Alarm Monitoring

Home and Business Alarm Monitoring Services

1. Alarm Monitoring Services –  No-TERM Contracts or Hidden Fees!

This is one of the most important aspects to look at before making your decision. You will want to make sure the alarm monitoring company of choice is A+ in the BBB and has a response time of 15-20 seconds or better. The faster the they can receive the alarm signals the faster the proper authorities can be dispatched. Search for an monitoring company that has been in business for a long period of time. This will give you  peace of mind that they will stand the test of time so you don’t go unprotected. In this day an age you will want to look for a company that is transparent in its business model and doesn’t try to collect using the backdoor method. This is where companies state they will provide equipment for “free” as long as you sign up for a long term contract. Using basic math multiplying the monthly rate by the number of months of the contract you come up with the total cost of the equipment and services “not free”. One problem with this type of service is that when your contract runs out with these types of alarm monitoring companies they usually manipulate their alarm panels to be proprietary meaning these systems can only be used if you use their alarm monitoring services. They continue to charge you the same inflated rates and you end up paying for your alarm system over and over again. When you dig a bit deeper and read the contract you can also find these companies hold the right to raise your fees during the contract period. So what you thought you were agreeing to pay can gradually be raised at the discretion of the alarm monitoring company and if you don’t pay those fees you can be reported to credit agencies because you agreed to pay for a long period of time. Try to find an alarm company that presents all of the costs of the systems upfront, low setup/activation fees and low monthly fees. These types of companies will give you a better long term security solution.

Wide Variety of DIY Security Starter Kit's

Variety of Security Systems for Alarm Monitoring Services

2. Selecting a Security System?

When searching for an alarm monitoring company make sure that they offer security system kits from a variety of manufactures with a selection of communication paths including cellular and dual path. Each system has different available options so one system may fit your criteria better than another. If a company only offers one type of system they may be biased in selling you a system that may not be the best fit for you and your family. For example some systems only have a AT&T cellular communicator option’s and you need a security system compatible with Verizon. Look for a company with a variety because they can size your circumstance and recommend security system that will best suit you.

In addition the company you end up going with make sure they offer you an extensive selection of additional parts at reasonable prices in case you want to add additional alarm sensors such as glass break detectors, panic buttons, flood sensors etc… Most security systems these days can offer you z-wave home automation features and cameras so while investigating make sure the alarm monitoring company you go with is able to provide these services and products.

3.  Alarm Monitoring Customer Support 

The alarm company you choose should provide you with an extensive collection of online how-to-videos for your alarm system and an FAQ section that can assist you with getting through various troubleshooting issues. Look to see if the company’s webpage provides you with an online live chat and a toll free number where an actual representative can be reached. Lastly, you want to make sure the alarm monitoring company you choose provides remote customer support where they can remotely access your alarm control panel and handle most troubleshooting issues without having to send a technician. This is a much more modern way to correct errors with these security systems and can save you hundreds if not thousands of your hard earned dollars.


 What is Carbon Monoxide?

What is Carbon Monoxide?

What is Carbon Monoxide?

What is Carbon monoxide?

It is an odorless, colorless, tasteless and highly toxic gas that is made when fuels such as wood, gasoline, charcoal and oil are burned with inadequate air. The majority of fatalities occur with heating systems, engine powered tools and charcoal grills. Carbon monoxide is harmful when inhaled because it displaces oxygen in the blood and deprives the heart, brain and other vital organs of oxygen. Large amounts of CO can overcome a person in minutes without warning—causing them to lose consciousness and suffocate.

How can you Stay Protected?

Some precautions you can take to say protected from carbon monoxide poising are as followed.

– Don’t use a charcoal grills, camp stoves, generators, gasoline or charcoal burning devices inside your basement, home, or near a window.

– Make sure to turn your car off upon entering a garage attached to your home and don’t run the vehicle in the garage even with the door open as gases can leak inside the home still.

– Avoid attempting to heat your house with an gas oven.

– Avoid burning anything in a fireplace or stove that does not have proper ventilation.

– Make sure to install a battery operated CO detector in your home. You can find certain alarm systems that will allow you to use wireless backup battery operated CO detectors that can even have a central alarm monitoring company dispatch the fire department if carbon monoxide is detected. Try to change the battery two times per year along with weekly testing of your CO detector.

– Make sure items such as heating system, water heater, gas, oil, or coal burning appliances are inspected annually.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Systems

Honeywell L5210 Wireless Security/Fire System – Make sure to add the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (5800CO)

GE Simon XT Wireless Security/Fire System – Make sure to add the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (600-6520-95)

Qolsys IQ Wireless Security System – Make sure to add the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (QS-5210-P01)

DSC Touch Wireless Security System – Make sure to add the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (WS4913)


Learn how-to-program a Wireless Carbon Monxoide Detector into a Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 Wireless Security system




 A New Firmware Update for your Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect IP Cameras?

Update your Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 IP Cameras

Update your Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 IP Cameras

A new firmware update is now available if you have IP cameras that are integrated with Total Connect 1.0 or 2.0 service. You can complete the update process from the Total Connect 1.0 or Total Connect 2.0 PC web application or the iPad TC 2.0 application.

Please use the following URL to access the application via a PC or MAC.

TC 1.0
TC 2.0


To update the camera firmware please follow these steps:

Updating the camera firmware

If your camera is not running the latest firmware, an Update icon will appear.

1. Click on the Tool icon in the lower left corner.
2. The Firmware update window appears.
3. Click the Update button. A confirmation message appears. Click OK to the confirmation message to proceed.
4. During the firmware update process the video image will be replaced with a tool image.
Help videos for Honeywell Total Connect may be found by visiting The Security Channel:

Look for the Channels section,then look for the Honeywell Total Connect Channel.

Also, a detailed help guide is found at

Users not upgrading their cameras will experience a limited functionality after 2/6/16.


 Introducing the Honeywell AlarmNet GPS Tracking Services by GEOARM

This video is to introduce the Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 GPS tracking services.

There are two different types of tracking services Honeywell AlarmNet provides. The first is the asset tracking, this service is perfect for fixed or mobile assets like trailers, atv’s or even classic cars. This works when the asset is moved from its location the GPS will activate and a signal will be transmitted to the central alarm station which in turn will send you a push notification to your smart device letting you know of the new activity.

The second option when it comes to Honeywell’s AlarmNet GPS tracking services is vehicle tracking. This is perfect for cars, trucks and service vans. A perfect example of how you can utilize this feature is let’s say you have a GPS vehicle tracking device installed in a work van, you can setup a notification to populate to your smart device if the van goes over a set speed limit. You can also track the routes the driver is taking to become more efficient.

These two options can be added to your existing alarm system or you can use the GPS services as a standalone feature. When adding the Honeywell Total Connect array of services is peace of mind.

For the lowest No-Term alarm monitoring rates contact GEOARM Security 1-877-443-6276. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page so you can keep track of all of the new how-to/product videos from all of the top security system manufactures such as, Honeywell, DSC, Qolsys, GE, 2GIG, Napco, Telular etc…


Asset Tracker Device’s:

Vehicle Tracking Device’s:

GPS Tracking Services:



 DSC PowerSeries Neo – Highlighted Feature Video

The DSC PowerSeries Neo next generation hybrid security system boasts superior features that’s others just don’t have. The Neo system is smart enough to recognize the distance between RF receiver to the devices. This allows the panel to communicate with the sensor telling it whether it needs to pull maximum power or a reduced amount of power based on the distance. For example if a PG9945 wireless Neo contact is 1000 feet away from the RF receiver than that contact will likely be using max power. Yet, if the contact is 5 feet from the RF receiver it will not need to use as much battery power which in turn can make the battery life on your sensors last up to 10 years.

The Neo system Infused with industry-leading Power G 2-way wireless communication devices, the Neo is able to hop between wireless frequency channels so that if one is jammed, it will move to a free frequency. This allows for seamless, reliable communication between the control panel and devices and further encrypts the signals making it more difficult to tamper.

One of the most appealing feature of the Neo system is the range of the sensors. The Neo system can have a max of 1,000 feet distance between sensors and the RF receiver. Not to mention the additional 1,000 feet of when adding a power g wireless repeater. That is a total of 2,000 feet you can have spaced between the sensors and the RF receiver making this one of the most powerful hybrid security systems ever produced!

The Neo system has a few different ways of communicating its signal back to our central monitoring station. The first would be through a pots line or supported VOIP line. Typically we don’t prefer this mode because it is not the most reliable in the sense that an intruder could cut those lines, or the power can go out either of these will render your system useless. In addition, a phone line or VOIP line system will not allow you to have the interactive services capabilities. There is also the PowerSeries Neo internet hybrid security system option. This method would share identical characteristics of a Neo phone line system. Lastly, you have the DSC PowerSeries Neo cellular kit.

 The cellular Neo system will still offer your home or business security even if the power fails, or an intruder cuts your phone/internet lines leading into the home. The reason being is the cellular module that is installed into the Neo system is powered off of the alarm backup battery which allows for communications back to our central monitoring station even under the conditions reported above. The usage of the cellular kit will also allow for the use of interactive services by GEOARM. Having this feature unlocked is a huge advantage. It allows for GEOARM to remotely program and manipulate your alarm system remotely from our tech office at no extra cost (must be an alarm monitored client). allows for you to control your security system remotely. You can arm/disarm the system, view event history, change, add, or delete user profiles remotely from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity. Home automation becomes an option because inside the cellular module comes the z-wave radio which will allow your system to talk to z-wave home automation devices such as door locks, light modules, thermostats, and garage door sensors.

There is also a DSC Neo dual path hybrid alarm system. This version is the most reliable way to send your signals to our central monitoring station. It offers you all of the same great features as the above cellular system but, it allows your system two ways to communicate its alarm signals via internet primary and cellular backup.

For the lowest No-Term alarm monitoring rates contact GEOARM Security 1-877-443-6276. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page so you can keep track of all of the new how-to/product videos from all of the top security system manufactures such as, Honeywell, DSC, Qolsys, GE, 2GIG, Napco, Telular etc…



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