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May 27, 2016

The Honeywell Lyric Security System Has been Released

The all new Honeywell Lyric security system has been released and we are proud to announce that AlarmClub is the first company selling this product line to the public! The Lyric security system is not just another all-in-one wireless security system its part of what Honeywell like’s to call a new wireless connected platform. The new wireless connected platform has three key components a new control panel, a new line of encrypted security sensors and integrations with the Honeywell Lyric smart Wi-FI thermostat.

The Honeywell Lyric security system all begins with the Honeywell Lyric controller. The Lyric controller has a 7.0 inch touchscreen display that serves as the main alarm control panel and home automation Z-Wave hub. The Lyric controller is where all the magic happens such as, programming security sensors, arming/disarming, programming home automation devices, setting smart scenes, changing system settings and much more.

The Lyric controller may look similar to previous security system’s but by all means its NOT! Honeywell has made some major upgrades for this security system such as,

Honeywell LyricFamily_wThermostat

Honeywell Lyric Family with Wi-Fi Thermostat

Batch programming – While programming devices instead of having to individually learn in serial numbers to connect security devices you can now activate and assign all of your serial numbers by pulling the battery tabs out of your new security sensors. The Lyric security system is than smart enough to assign these sensors to a dedicated zone. Once you have completed pulling the battery tabs out of these sensors you can go back to the Lyric controller and make adjustments to how you want those sensors to act if triggered. This reduces the overall time used in the installation process. “Batch programming is only available for use with the new Six Series sensors”.

Smart Scenes – This is one of the most advantageous additions to the Lyric  security system because what it does is consolidates older programming modes “scenes and rules” into what is now called smart scenes. Once a z-wave home automation device is learned into the Lyric security system all you have to do is go to smart scenes to enable that device into a smart scene which tells that sensor when and how to act. This makes the programming of home automation devices one step easier!

GeoFencing– With the activation of total connect 2.0 and an addition of a Lyric thermostat you can setup a Geofence which is you where you setup a perimeter distance for example 1 mile from your home’s location and anytime you cross out of the set Geofence the Lyric security system can arm itself, close the garage door and raise your Lyric thermostats temperature. At the same time when you cross back over that Geofence withing 1 mile of your location your system can for example lower your Lyric thermostat and turn on a front porch light. The Geofencing feature can be manipulated and customized to include the accessories of your liking and doesn’t have to be setup how we described. Note* In order for the features described above to work you must have the proper z-wave home automation accessories installed.

A front mounted camera has been added to the Lyric security system so that when the system is disarmed a notification with photo can be delivered to you in the form of a push notification text message and or email notification. “In order for this feature to work you must have Honeywell’s Total connect 2.0 activated.”

A Built in microphone has been installed inside the Lyric security system so that it can receive voice commands to control smart scenes and other features. There are three basic commands the Lyric controller will understand Hello Lyric, Hello Lyric home and OK Lyric. Once the trigger word has been stated you can then follow with your smart scene name such as Arrive home, Bedtime, Party, Travel etc…  These scenes can include a vast array of z-wave devices and simultaneously lock a door, lower a connected thermostat, turn on/off or dim lights, close or open a garage door. These smart scenes are limited to the connected devices you have.

The Lyric security system has made some major advancements for the ever growing DIY security industry by building in the Wi-Fi and Z-Wave radios into the Lyric controller and adding a dedicated cellular radio door on the side of the control panel where you simply install one of the new AT&T, Verizon or Rodgers cellular radios. These cellular radios can be replaced at any time to increase flexibility in communication providers as some areas in the country have better cellular service with one provider over another so you don’t have to replace the Lyric controller itself if switching locations. On the bottom of the Lyric security system you will find a USB port which is helpful because you now can upload photos to create a slide show which can be presented on the touchscreen display and if need be you can install any software updates to your security system with a USB stick. “Keep in mind AlarmClub can remotely update your firmware if you have our Honeywell Lyric alarm monitoring services.

To future proof the Honeywell Lyric security system they have also allotted another radio input for future compatibility in the event there are changes to the current radio standards. This feature is located directly above where the current cellular radio is to be installed.


Honeywell SiX Two-Way Wireless Sensors

Honeywell SiX Series Two-Way Wireless Sensors


The Lyric security system has added a whole new line of devices that are called Honeywell SiX Sensors. SiX sensors add some key additions over the previous 5800 series sensors such as,

Easier installation – With batch programming and pull tab sensor enrollment.

Easier maintenance with the system health check feature which is where you can monitor sensor signal strength and battery life from the Lyric security system.

Higher level of security where the SiX sensors employs true, 128-bit encryption protection. To prevent possible intruders from jamming the RF signals allowing access to your location without a triggered alarm.

The addition of Lyric Lock which is when a SiX series sensor is programmed to a dedicated Lyric controller, that Six series sensor can only communicate with the originally installed Lyric security system until it is has been deprogrammed from the original panel which helps protect your investment.

Lyric Controller Compatibility with the Lyric Thermostat

Saving one of the coolest features for last, The Honeywell Lyric Security System and Controller is able to integrate any Lyric thermostat into its remote app called Total Connect 2.0. From Total Connect 2.0 you can control your security and home automation devices including basic functionality of your Lyric thermostat.

But, as far as being able to use Siri through Apple HomeKit this will only apply to your Lyric thermostat. For example: You will not be able to ask Siri to arm or disarm your security system you will only be able to control features of the Lyric thermostat through this feature. The reason why is because Apple HomeKit and Siri are only able to connect to the Honeywell Lyric app which is a completely separate application from Total Connect 2.0.

So in conclusion, you are able to integrate the Lyric thermostat into the Lyric security system/controller and will be able to control smart scenes through total connect 2.0. But, if you want to control your Lyric thermostat via voice commands through Apple HomeKit and Siri this will technically be done through the Lyric app. At the end of the day you are able to have the best of both worlds still because both the Lyric App and Total Connect 2.0 can exist together to provide you with all the functionality you would hope for.

Note* “Your Honeywell Lyric thermostat must be a Second Generation model or the Apple HomeKit features will not work because generation 1 lyric thermostats don’t have a special chip needed for integrations”.


March 18, 2016

How to Add User Codes into the 2GIG GC3 Wireless Security?

Knowing the basic functions and features of your 2GIG GC3 wireless security system is very convenient. So today we want to show you how you and or your family members can add user codes into the 2GIG GC3 wireless security and home automation system. To do this Select system settings, enter your default installer code “1561”, users, select the plus sign in the top right of the screen, enter the desired name, next, assign a security code, confirm the code by entering a second time, next, verify your information, select back button to exit programming.
Having individual codes for each user is a very important feature because every time that code is used whether its arming, disarming, programming or making any kind of changes to the system you can always view this information in the system event history log and or setup notifications through interactive alarm monitoring services with GEOARM.

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March 5, 2016

DIY Alarm Monitoring vs Professional Alarm Monitoring?


If you currently have a security system you may be wondering what is the difference between DIY alarm monitoring and professional alarm monitoring? DIY alarm monitoring services – Works when your home or business security system sends its alarm signals directly to your smart device via push notifications and or email’s. Once you receive these alarm signals it will be up to you to dispatch the proper authorities if need be. When thinking about activating DIY alarm monitoring keep in mind that your security system must have the ability to integrate with a interactive alarm monitoring application such as Honeywell’s total connect 2.0,, Telular home control etc… As these interactive security software’s are what allow for notifications from your security system back to your smart device’s.

Professional alarm monitoring – The way this works is if you think of your security system as a data center, that data than needs a method of transmitting those signals to a alarm monitoring station. Typically your security system can transmit this data via phone line/voip services, broadband internet, WiFi, Cellular or dual path communications. If GEOARM receives alarm signals from your security system we will analyze those signals, reach out to your emergency call list that you have provided to us, if there is no answer or a wrong password is given we will dispatch the proper authorities to your location for police, fire or medical services. In most cases if you are activating your security system for insurance purposes this will be the option you are going to want to go with. Reason being is because in order to meet most insurance company requirements for a certificate of alarm they want to have your security system signals picked up by a professional alarm monitoring company.

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February 26, 2016

Honeywell WAP-ANT5dB Antenna Information

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WAP-ANT5dB - Honeywell Total Connect 5dB High-Gain Antenna

WAP-ANT5dB – Honeywell Total Connect 5dB High-Gain Antenna

The Honeywell WAP-ANT-5dB antenna provides you with improved wireless coverage for Honeywell’s WAP or WAP-PLUS wireless access points. They offer improved coverage in difficult installations where objects can effect the flow of the wireless signals. Always make sure that when you are replacing the antennas from the WAP or the WAP-PLUS that you replace both antenna not just one. When replacing the old antenna with the new Honeywell WAP-ANT-5dB antenna’s make sure that you set the antennas in a vertical position for optimal strength.


January 30, 2016

How to Connect my Honeywell IP Camera to Total Connect 2.0?

Here you will learn how to connect your Honeywell IP camera to Total Connect 2.0 using three different configuration’s.


Configuration One:

How to Connect Honeywell IP Cameras?

How to Connect Honeywell IP Camera Step One

The First configuration we are going to be showing you is when you are hard wiring the Honeywell IP Security Camera’s back to your Router and your router supports dynamic host control protocol.

This option is used for a couple different reasons. First, if you are planning on having the Honeywell IP camera’s out of the wireless internet range you can hard wire them so you can locate them much further. Lastly, your router doesn’t have a WPS button to sync to the IP Camera’s. These are the two most common reasons for usage of this configuration. With Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 camera services you can have up to six cameras that can be viewed from your smart devices from anywhere in the world.

Configuration Two:

How to Connect Honeywell IP Camera's Step Two

How to Connect Honeywell IP Camera’s Step Two

This configuration is used when your home or business internet router has a WPS button so that you can sync your Honeywell IP Camera’s to the internet router without having to hard wire the cable between the two devices. This is especially convenient and makes for a quick and easy DIY Installation of your IP cameras. With Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 camera services you can have up to six cameras that can be viewed from your smart devices from anywhere in the world.

If you are connecting your IP Cameras and you are having range issues than you will need a Honeywell WREX Wi-Fi repeater. If you are attempting to connect your Honeywell IP camera along with a WREX and it is still not connecting because of range issues you may want to look at configuration one above for that particular camera as a last option.

Configuration Three:

How to Connect Honeywell IP Camera's Step Three

How to Connect Honeywell IP Camera’s Step Three


The Last way to connect Honeywell IP cameras to total connect 2.0 is used when you want to connect your cameras through your home or business Wi-Fi network and your internet router does not have a WPS button for syncing. In this case you simply connect the Honeywell WAP-PLUS to your internet router and this will allow you to wireless connect your Honeywell IP camera’s to your wireless internet connection. With Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 camera services you can have up to six cameras that can be viewed from your smart devices from anywhere in the world. The same applies to this configuration if you are having range issues connecting the IP cameras to the WAP-PLUS you may need to install a Honeywell WREX Wi-Fi repeater to extend the allowed range.


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