Tyco Security Products and Alarm.com announced their partnership with the DSC IMPASSA Wireless security system

Tyco Security Products and Alarm.com announced their partnership and the IMPASSA Series is the first solution to reach dealers. This system comes with the alarm.com 3g8055 AT&T Cellular Communicator which cannot be purchased separately to be used with older IMPASSA Systems. The alarm.com IMPASSA version 1.3 + wireless security system kit also comes with the onboard daughterboard which will enable the use of the alarm.com image sensors , and the z-wave module which will allow for the use of home automation devices. If you have an older version of the IMPASSA and are looking to use the alarm.com interactive services all you would have to do is swap the control panel with the alarm.com DSC IMPASSA wireless security panel. Note if you are also wanting to have the zwave and daughterboard you must purchase this system in the kit form because if you just purchase the panel by itself it will not come with either of those items. All of your door contacts, keypads, motion detectors, smoke detectors/ heat detectors will still work with the updated panel.

The two companies plan to integrate other select hybrid systems for global markets later in the year on systems such as the all new DSC Neo system.   The close engineering collaboration and partnership between Tyco Security Products and Alarm.com will ensure the full range of current and future Alarm.com services are supported providing a leading, future-proof platform to dealers globally.

This is a much-anticipated day for Tyco – they have another great partner on board which has the ability to perfectly complement the current and future product portfolio.  It is another step in the right direction, offering customers product choice and service excellence.  “We look forward to an innovative future with this partnership with Alarm.com,” states Tim Myers, Product Line Director – Intrusion, for Tyco Security Products.

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 Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Repeater Extender for wireless IP-cameras

Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Repeater Extender (WREX) extends Wi-Fi signals, expanding the number of locations in homes and businesses you can install Wi-Fi IP cameras. Adding wireless IP cameras in areas that may be out of range of a customers’ exisiting Wi-Fi router can be challanging. WREX fills the signal gap by repeating the exisiting Wi-Fi signals to help eliminate dead zones. It comes as a plug-and-lay device that is ready for deployemnt out of the box. Configuration is easy, thanks to push-button Wi-Fi protection setup (wps) and an available wired etheret connection. WREX can be used with most popular wireless standards.

 Telular’s TG-1 Express is now offered in a CDMA Version!

TG-1 Express for Verizon CDMA Towers

TG-1 Express for Verizon CDMA Towers

Telguard, a leader in wireless alarm communications, interactive and home automation services now offers a TG-1 Express CDMA cellular alarm communicator on the Verizon Wireless network. The CDMA TG-1 Express is an ideal primary residential solution for areas where cellular coverage may be challenging. Based on the same proven, flexible features and functionality of the TG-1 Express for 3G/4G networks, the CDMA version helps reduce cost and Installation time in just about every application.

The UL listed TG-1 Express CDMA uses the power and backup battery of the security panel eliminating the need for an available wall outlet. The unit also features a unique way to connect to the panel for instances when the communicator needs to be installed remotely. The Single Line Interface Cable (SLIC) allows the power and telephony connection to be sent over a single CAT5 cable, similar to how computer networks use Power over Ethernet (PoE). With the SLIC option installers can now remotely mount the TG-1 Express CDMA without being limited by the availability of power or the expense of an RF cable run.

“Telguard’s TG-1 Express for 3G/4G networks has been a go to universal communicator in our residential portfolio because of its ideal price point, quality and overall reliability,” said Mike Putman, Director of Operations, Ackerman Security. ”Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to install the new TG-1 Express CDMA in both areas where we could never get coverage in the past, as well as in major metropolitan areas. The TG-1 Express CDMA has proven itself to work as flawlessly as its 3G/4G counterpart in every scenario.”

 WTK5504 Wireless Touch Screen 2-Way Voice Arming Station by DSC

This stylish keypad, which provides a futuristic take on the look of a traditional offering, presents a solution that easily fits into any contemporary decor setting.

Along with its good looks, the 2-Way Wireless Touch Screen Arming Station provides an enhanced user experience, with intuitive menu-driven touch screens that allow full control of the system. The Wireless Touch Screen features Voice Prompts and Voice Chime that provide verbally enunciated system status updates. It also offers a 4.3” full-color display with quick-view LED status, programmable user functions, a night light and 24-hour battery backup.

Because it is wireless, the Touch Screen can be installed anywhere in the house — on a wall or a desk stand mount. There is minimal installation time and no holes to drill, making it easy for homeowners to select a variety of locations within their home for placement, including spots where traditional wiring would be difficult or impossible.

This keypad is compatible with the IMPASSA, ALEXOR and PowerSeries (via theTR5164) security systems, the Wireless Touch Screen supports up to 64 zones to be viewed. It is also equipped to support multiple languages and conveniently displays user-friendly information such as temperature when used with the WT4911 Outdoor Siren. A low-battery indicator and rechargeable batteries make maintenance easy.

The WTK5504P is a Prox version of the Wireless Touch Screen, which allows users to arm and disarm the system with one swipe of a prox tag, without the need of a security code.

 Bring Your Home to Life with Honeywell’s TUX Voice Keypad!

We get plenty of calls here at GEOARM Security on a daily basis. One question we seem to receive plenty of calls on is someone having a Honeywell Vista Series wired alarm panel and wanting to add a nice touchscreen keypad. The Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Voice is the perfect keypad but, not only is it just an ordinary keypad it also has its own premise control with a built in web server. Meaning by doing something as simple as speaking, you can enjoy amazing, hands free home control. Simply say “Hello Tuxedo” to bring it to life. Once Tux has been connected to your Honeywell Vista panel it can complete various tasks such as arming your system, creating scenes “sunrise/sunset”, controlling lights, thermostats, locks and more!

You can set the system up so when you return home certain lights can automatically turn on and simultaneously  have your thermostat turn down to begin cooling your home and certain doors unlocked so you can access your home much easier for example if you had groceries in your hand.

 Happy Thanksgiving from GEOARM Security!

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude. ~E.P. Powell
From everyone here at GEOARM Security we want to wish you a very very happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Feel free to leave us a comment on what you are thankful for! Look out for many more posts to come that will assist our fellow Diyers!

 How to do a Total Connect 2.0 Chip Swap on a Honeywell Vista 20p Security System

With there being over 10 million vista panel out there in the world, only so many of them will be able to support Total Connect 2.0 “Interactive Monitoring”. If you have a Vista series wired panel and you come to find the revision number on your panel is below 9.12 that means your system cannot support Total Connect 2.0. Now, that sounds like it may be bad news and you may be assuming now I have to replace my whole alarm system. Well this is not the case, you can now purchase the all new GSMV4g cellular communicator and ask for total connect chip upgrade as well. This will give you the communicator as well as the chip itself which this video will show you how to replace. Not only does this chip upgrade save you time but, it also saves you money by not having to purchase the whole panel. All you will have to do is power the system down including unplugging the transformer. Once you have completed this step you than want to get your hands on a paperclip or even better a retraction tool which can be found online. While removing the chip make sure not to fight or force the chip out you want to genitally remove the chip because it is delicate. Take a look at our how to videos and let us know if you have any comments, concerns, or ideas for videos you would like to see posted.

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The Honeywell Vista Automation Module or “VAM”

What can you do from your Total Connect 2.o dashboard?

 The 5800C2W convert wired to wireless security system by Honeywell Security

The 5800C2W enables retrofitting existing security systems by; converting their wired sensors to Honeywell’s 5800 series wireless technology, and replacing the existing control panel with a LYNX Touch or LYNX Plus series control. The 5800C2W also works with residential VISTA control panels equipped with a wireless RF receiver and keypad. It saves on installation costs, time and materials since there is no need to replace wired devices with individual transmitters. The calibration feature on the 5800C2W solves a frustrating problem, When converting hardwire to wireless zones, the first thing you need to do is find all the resistors. Many times resistors can be in the walls or buried in the window frame. Tried digging those out? Talk about labor! The 5800C2W has a one button calibration. Press it and forget about resistor issues.  It will automatically calibrate the value from 2k to 9k. Now that’s a labor saver!

5800C2W Keep-in-Mind Guidelines:

  • Since the existing control panel is being replaced, its security functions will be performed by the new LYNX or VISTA control panel.
  • The existing control panel can remain for the purpose of housing the backup battery. Further, the existing control panel can be powered down and the transformer unplugged.
  • The 5800C2W module will charge the battery. This is also a good time to replace the existing battery if needed.
  • At the existing control panel, tag and remove the sensor wires as they will now go to the 5800C2W. Up to nine [9] hardwired zones can be handled by each 5800C2W module.
  • DO NOT mount inside the control panel or other metal enclosure.
  • The integral battery cable fuse MUST be positioned inside the control panel enclosure. The fuse is not replaceable.
  • Before mounting permanently, conduct Go/No Go tests (see control’s instructions) to verify adequate signal strength, relocate if necessary.
  • If necessary, affix the SOC label to the inside cover.
  • If you are interested in reading more on the Honeywell LYNX panels here are a few of our related topics:

     Alarm.com Image Sensor (ADC-IS-200-LP) – GEOARM

    The Image Sensor is a breakthrough product that combines a PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor, an integrated still camera, completely wireless communication, and Alarm.com Interactive Services. The Alarm.com Image Sensor offers an entirely new service that is designed to deliver better security through visual verification of alarms and increased engagement through on-demand property views.

    The Image Sensor (model ADC-IS-200-LP) is compatible with Simon XTi panels (version 1.0 & up), Simon XT panels (version 1.3 & up), Concord 4.0 panels and requires an Alarm.com module (version 146 & up for XT, 151 & up for XTi, 177 & up for Concord CDMA, 173 & up for Concord HSPA) with an attached Image Sensor daughterboard.

    Not only is the image sensor compatible with the wireless GE systems listed above but, it is also compatible with the 2gig go control panel. The only difference in installation is that the you will not need the daughterboard but, you will need to add the 900 mhz transceiver along with the image sensor itself and you will be ready to start capturing images!

    • ETL certified for UL 639 and ULC S306
    • 35 feet by 40 feet detection coverage area
    • Remotely configurable PIR sensitivity
    • Pet immunity, etc.
    • Easy installation
    • Simple panel enrollment
    • No broadband required; No router configuration
    • Tamper detection, walk test mode, supervision
    • Color images
    • Night vision
    • IR illumination
    • Black and white images
    • Wireless image transmission to panel
    • Wireless image transmission to Alarm.com via cellular networks

     Its October that means its Crime Prevention Month!

    Its October that means its Crime Prevention Month. With that being said from all of us here at GEOARM we would like to offer some advice on keeping your home safe when you are not home.

    • Keep the lights on – A burglar will tend to break into a house or apartment that is poorly lit as opposed to a house that is well lit.
    • Make sure to trim the hedges- A well kept yard will tell any possible burglars that someone is home to maintain the yard.
    • When you are not home make it seem as if you are home- This can be obtained by keeping some lights on and or a tv on to make it seem as if someone is still home. We would recommend doing this with a security system that offers the availability to do home automation. Through home automation you can now schedule certain lights and devices to be on while you are not. If you dont have a security system capable of doing this we would then recommend getting some timers to be set at times you will be away.
    • Place your security signs and stickers up- A burglar will think twice when they see you have a burglar alarm system with monitoring.
    • Tint your window and keep your blinds closed- Keep your valuable out of sight from any potential burglar by tinting your windows and keeping your blinds closed. We dont want to make it easy for a burglar to know what you have.
    • Social Media- This day and age social media is booming, that is a wonderful thing we have but, it should not be a feed to announce that you will not be home.