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July 14, 2015

Existing Cellular 2G Alarm Systems are at Risk!

Dont let your alarm system be rendered by this transformation.

Don’t let your alarm system be effected by this transition.

To all of our valued followers,

We really want to emphasize the importance of upgrading your 2G wireless cellular communicators before the sunset clause takes place. Existing 2G devices will no longer work after Dec 31, 2015 according to the cellular providers. Our sales team would love to assist you in finding the most cost effective and compatible route in order to keep your security system operating correctly. Here at GEOARM, we don’t want your property or loved ones to be left unprotected for any period of time.

Over the past few months, we have been sending emails to all of those that will be affected by this cellular transition. So, please check that you have received said emails, as this is one of our methods of contacting you regarding important security topics.

In summary, if you have an older 2G model, please upgrade to a new 3G wireless cellular communicator as soon as possible!

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


June 23, 2015

How will the 2G Cellular Sunset Affect my Security System?



Some may be asking how will the 2G sunset affect my security system and why are they getting rid of it? What exactly is 2g technology? 2G stands for second generation wireless cellular technology. This mode of communication has been around for quite some time since 1991 actually and has been used in security systems for years. 2G was a huge innovation for its time it replaced the old 1G format which was analog signals. There was a huge difference between 1g and 2g in two different manors. The first being 1g analog signals were much slower as far as getting the information from one point to another. Second, the signals from 1g were not encrypted so data could be intercepted much easier. 2G signals marked the first digital cellular signals meaning information could be processed at a much higher rate of speed and the data it sends will be encrypted making it significantly more difficult for someone to steal the information.

It has been a long time since the release of the 2g cellular equipment and as we all now technology has become leaps and bounds better than it once was. Now that the 2g radios have seen their last day that means 3g/4g cellular towers are taking the top position. Some of the benefits of the cellular companies doing away with the 2g services as follows. 2G radios even though in their day were thought to be very fast, they have become outdated and 3g/4g towers will be able to get their information across much swifter. Which means the signals from your security system will send to our central alarm monitoring station even quicker! You can also sleep a bit easier knowing that the 3g/4g  encryption factor has added many more layers of encryption to make it much more difficult to steal the information. Lastly, once upgrading your security system to newer 3g/4g communicator you can feel confident that you are going to get longevity out because that technology will be around for quite some time.

The time is nearing that the 2g cellular services will be sun-setting “eliminated” by the major communication networks by Jan 2017. The process has already begun and many areas have already been affected. What this means to you is that if your security system communicates to the central monitoring station with a 2g cellular communicator/radio your service may end at any time between now and 2017. GEOARM strongly recommend for you to upgrade now to one of the 3g/4g cellular communicators that way you don’t see any interruption in services leaving you vulnerable.

If you are unsure if your security system has a 2g cellular alarm communicator contact GEOARM Security so we can provide you with an array of options that would suit you best. Contact us at 1-877-443-6276 option 3 for assistance.



January 29, 2015

Honeywell 5878 wireless wall transmitter has been discontinued

The Honeywell 5878 wireless keypad was a compact, 6-button wall-mounted wireless transmitter that has been discontinued by Honeywell. This device permitted an alarm system or home automation device to be controlled remotely. The transmitter was typically used for security system arming, panic and controlling output relay operations associated with home automation devices. If you are looking for a similar device you can you always use a Honeywell 5828 wireless keypad or a Honeywell 5828v wireless keypad and even better yet you can always sign up for Honeywell AlarmNet Interactive monitoring services by GEOARM security. This will allow you to Control all of you alarm system features from the palm of your hand!


January 15, 2015

7847i-L – Honeywell AlarmNet Broadband Internet Alarm Communicator (for LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless security system) has been discontinued – GEOARM

Here at GEOARM we have received word that the 7847i-l for the LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless Broadband Internet Security System has been Discontinued and will not be available for purchase anymore. There has not been any exact reasoning as to why manufacturing of this product has seized. One thing we can think of  is with the evolution of Wi-Fi this 7847i-l may have become obsolete. A downside of this communicator was also that when you used this device you could not do dual path alarm monitoring which is where you would use the internet as the primary communication path and the cellular communicator as the backup mode of communication. Now when purchasing a LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless Security system there will only be two communication paths either via landline/voip or through a GSMVLP-4G which is the cell communicator that is meant for this system.


January 12, 2015

IPCAM-PT – Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect Wireless Pan/Tilt Security Camera has been discontinued – GEOARM

IPCAM-PT - Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect Wireless Pan/Tilt Security Camera has been discontinued - GEOARM

IPCAM-PT - HoneywellTotal Connect Wireless Pan/Tilt Camera has been discontinued

Here at GEOARM we have received word that the IPCAM-PT has been Discontinued and will not be available for purchase anymore. There has not been any exact reasoning as to why manufacturing of this product has seized. If you have a Honeywell system and are looking for a similar service provided by this product we recommend purchasing two separate indoor cameras such as the IPCAM-WI2 or the IPCAM-WL. Typically when Honeywell temporarily discontinues a product that means they are working on re-releasing a different product of a similar nature. When we find out more we will be sure to update our blog’s and social media sites.

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