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October 2, 2015

How to Wire the IGSMV4G to the Honeywell Vista 21IP Hardwired Security System

Before attempting to install the Honeywell IGSMV4G Dual path communicator into your Vista 21IP hardwired system please make sure to power down the system including your backup battery and your transformer. Once this has been completed make sure that you have watched our previous video which will show you how to move the jumper on your 21IP system to the proper position in order to allow for external communicators. The first thing your going to want to do is run the 22 gauge by 4 wire through the back of the panel and begin wiring up the panel first. Take the black wire which will be the ground wire and make sure that goes into terminal 4. The second wire will be the power wire which of course is red place this in terminal 5. The yellow wire will go to terminal 7 and green will go to terminal 6 these two are your data in and data out terminals. Now that these are in place lets take the opposite side of the 22 gauge by 4 wire and begin to wire up the IGSMV4G dual path communicator.

Continuing on lets start by wiring in the ground or the black wire which will go into terminal 4. Next will be the red wire or “power” which will go into terminal 3. Terminal 5 you will want to wire in the yellow wire and lastly 6 will be your green wire again both of these are data in and data out. With this being wired up now you are ready to plug in your K14138LF wire which is what connects the communicator to the backup battery. Just a fun fact terminal one and two are for you ac transformer if you decide to wire in that way. Also, keep in mind you should always follow along with your instructions while working with your alarm panel.

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June 18, 2015

Honeywell ZWSTAT – Remote Thermostat Control for Honeywell LYNX and Vista Control Panels

zwstat blog photo


The Honeywell ZWSTAT aka TH8320ZW1000 is a z-wave enabled home or business thermostat. The ZWSTAT is compatible with all z-wave enabled systems. This product is also, compatible with certain Honeywell Vista wired security systems “as long as it has a VAM module and a 5800ZBRIDGE attached to it”. The ZWSTAT will also be compatible with the LYNX Plus L3000 wireless security system “as long as it has the 5800ZBRIDGE attached”. Along with the previous systems this thermostat works best with the all new LYNX Touch L5100, L5200 , and L7000 wireless security system’s by simply adding the L5100 z-wave module to the control panel.

Once your system is set up to utilize this ZWSTAT thermostat the features are extremely useful.  When you integrate the ZWSTAT to your alarm system it will be able to provide automatic energy management.  For example lets say on a typical day you are  leaving the house and you arm your alarm system. The ZWSTAT thermostat along with your alarm system will be smart enough to know that you are leaving so it will turn the air conditioning or heater off to conserve energy . The same goes for when you arrive home, when you disarm the system it will understand you have arrived home and will set the air conditioning or heater back on bringing your home back to a comfortable level.

Yet another cool feature of this ZWSTAT is the adaptive intelligent recovery feature. The thermostat is able to learn exactly how long it takes your air conditioning or heater unit to cool or heat your house to the programmed temperature.In other words let say you want your home to be at 76 degrees at 6pm. The air conditioning unit will turn on at the appropriate time to get the houses temperature to 76 degrees by that time.

Have you ever been in a situation where employees or roommates place the resting temperature either way to high or low? The ZWSTAT can solve that problem by simply allowing the end user to set a maximum or minimum temperature. This is an excellent feature because it never allows your system to over work itself and of course it will save you alot of money on your electric bill. The ZWSTAT even has a feature that can remind you when it is time to change your air filter to allow your system to run at optimum efficiency. Lastly the air circulation feature will basically move air tthroughoutyour home or business anytime your ac or heater is not in use to save energy to prevent hot and cold spots.

The ZWSTAT is easily programmed using the touchscreen display. This is where you can set up all the different features we have introduced you to today. With the systems I listed above you can use 4 thermostats on either the 5800ZBRIDGE or the L5100 Z-WAVE controller.







June 4, 2015

Honeywell L5000DM Easy Desk Mount for LYNX Touch L5000, L5100, and L5200

Honeywell L5000DM

Honeywell L5000DM


The Honeywell L5000DM is a desk mount stand which is compatible with all LYNX Touch L5000, L5100, and L5200 wireless security systems. This accessory makes an installation very simple especially for the novice diyer. Typically most end users tend to install the wireless security system on the wall by drilling holes and using anchors to support the system.

The L5000DM makes an install a breeze because it basically replaces the stock back plate which the LYNX Touch series panels come with and uses this as its back plate.  If you are looking for a top quality alarm system with a very simple install than this is for you. This feature does not hinder any security features of any sort. The best way to make your alarm system full proof of course would be by adding our Professional alarm monitoring or our Professional interactive alarm monitoring along with APL protection.




March 30, 2015

How to Locate the MAC and MAC CRC on a GSMV4G Cellular Communicator?

This is a Honeywell GSMV4G. Today we will be locating your MAC and MAC CRC. These are the serial numbers you will want to locate when you are activating your alarm monitoring services. These numbers can be located on the manufacturer box which your wireless cellular communicator came in or inside the device as shown above. It is always recommend that you get these numbers from the inside of the actual device itself to make sure you are getting the most accurate information. For assistance activating your GSMV4G wireless cellular communicator contact GEOARM at 1-877-443-6276.


March 5, 2015

AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 : How to Setup a No Disarm Notification?

This type of notifications could possibly be used when you want to be notified when a child is supposed to be home by a certain time, and did not arrive at that time. In order to set this up the first thing you would want to do is open your Total Connect 2.0 application. On the events, rules & notifications bar, select the setup icon. You want to select from the event category; just for an example select the security icon. From the security tab to the arming event category, select the event disarmed to be notified of. On the right click notification. The notification window will appear, enter the name for the email notification. Next on the sent to drop-down menu select the user group to notify. Make sure the enabled box is checked. The fact that you want to be notified if this event does not occur, ensure the notify me when this event does not occur has a marker next to it. Next you will click the Sched/ State edit button to setup the actual schedule. Set the schedule parameters, then click save. The default group will be notified when a disarmed condition does not occur by 4:30 pm on any weekday.

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