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 Honeywell 5834-EN: How to Replace the Battery?

Today we are going to teach you how to replace the battery in your Honeywell 5834-4EN wireless four button key transmitter.  Before we begin the 5834-4EN uses a CR2032 – Coin Cell 3V Lithium Alarm Battery . First turn the key fob on its back using a small fillips head. This should allow the case to snap right open. Inside you will find the battery with a sticker on it. The sticker  states it wants you to remove the battery near the gold tab. Once you locate that pop the battery out with a small flat head screw driver. Once the battery is released remove the sticker off of the old battery and place it on the new battery on the positive side. With the sticker facing up replace the new battery into the key fob housing. Now that the battery is in place it is time to replace the cover of the key fob. Starting from the front of the key transmitter there will be a hook which will grab the back end of the key fob gently lay the rest of the case back to its resting point. You will know it is place because everything will line up tightly. With the case lined up go ahead and screw the key fob back together. Now that this has been done test the buttons to see if the light on the front of the key fob transmits a light. If so, that means you have successfully replaced the battery in your Honeywell 5834-4EN wireless 4 button key transmitter.

Click to learn how to program this sensor into the lynx Touch L7000 wireless security system.


 Honeywell ZWSTAT – Remote Thermostat Control for Honeywell LYNX and Vista Control Panels

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The Honeywell ZWSTAT aka TH8320ZW1000 is a z-wave enabled home or business thermostat. The ZWSTAT is compatible with all z-wave enabled systems. This product is also, compatible with certain Honeywell Vista wired security systems “as long as it has a VAM module and a 5800ZBRIDGE attached to it”. The ZWSTAT will also be compatible with the LYNX Plus L3000 wireless security system “as long as it has the 5800ZBRIDGE attached”. Along with the previous systems this thermostat works best with the all new LYNX Touch L5100, L5200 , and L7000 wireless security system’s by simply adding the L5100 z-wave module to the control panel.

Once your system is set up to utilize this ZWSTAT thermostat the features are extremely useful.  When you integrate the ZWSTAT to your alarm system it will be able to provide automatic energy management.  For example lets say on a typical day you are  leaving the house and you arm your alarm system. The ZWSTAT thermostat along with your alarm system will be smart enough to know that you are leaving so it will turn the air conditioning or heater off to conserve energy . The same goes for when you arrive home, when you disarm the system it will understand you have arrived home and will set the air conditioning or heater back on bringing your home back to a comfortable level.

Yet another cool feature of this ZWSTAT is the adaptive intelligent recovery feature. The thermostat is able to learn exactly how long it takes your air conditioning or heater unit to cool or heat your house to the programmed temperature.In other words let say you want your home to be at 76 degrees at 6pm. The air conditioning unit will turn on at the appropriate time to get the houses temperature to 76 degrees by that time.

Have you ever been in a situation where employees or roommates place the resting temperature either way to high or low? The ZWSTAT can solve that problem by simply allowing the end user to set a maximum or minimum temperature. This is an excellent feature because it never allows your system to over work itself and of course it will save you alot of money on your electric bill. The ZWSTAT even has a feature that can remind you when it is time to change your air filter to allow your system to run at optimum efficiency. Lastly the air circulation feature will basically move air tthroughoutyour home or business anytime your ac or heater is not in use to save energy to prevent hot and cold spots.

The ZWSTAT is easily programmed using the touchscreen display. This is where you can set up all the different features we have introduced you to today. With the systems I listed above you can use 4 thermostats on either the 5800ZBRIDGE or the L5100 Z-WAVE controller.







 Honeywell’s APL “Advanced Protection Logic”

Hey Everyone Brad Finger here with GEOARM Security. Today we will be talking about Honeywell’s proprietary APL or (Advance Protection Logic.) which is available with LYNX Touch and LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless Security systems.The L3000 must have a revision number of 21.10 or higher to utilize this feature.
Now,In most homes people will set there most frequent points of entry on delay mode. This is where you enter your home and the system gives you around 30 seconds to disarm before it goes into an alarm. Since the brains of the system are all consolidated into the panel there is a risk in placing your panel near one of these delayed zones. If an intruder was to break into your home through one of these delay zones they could run in, grab the system, and either smash it or throw it in a bucket of water rendering the system. Luckily with professional monitoring through GEOARM and the activation of the APL your system will send a ping to our central monitoring station every time one of these delay doors is opened letting us know the system is ok. Once you enter your 4 digit disarm pass code we will receive another signal letting us know you have disarmed your system and it is still in tact. If we don’t receive this final ping we will than treat it as an alarm and reach out to the emergency contact list provided by the client and dispatch if protocol calls for that. In our opinion this feature is a very important feature to activate on your system. If you have any questions please contact us 1-877-443-6276 and be on the look out for many more video blogs to come your way!

 How to Install the Backup Battery in a Honeywell L3000 Wireless Security System?

To begin installing the backup battery in your Honeywell LYNX Plus L3000 wireless security system,  you are going to depress the two tabs on the top of your system. Place the system down gently so you don’t damage it. Take the backup battery; place it in the housing area on the mounting plate area. Make sure to locate the wire through the designated slot and then connect the battery plug into the actual motherboard. Take the mounting bracket place it in the slot that is shown on the video, than go ahead and screw bracket into place. Once this is complete seal the panel back up and now you are all set! For more videos on the Honeywell LYNX Plus L3000 wireless security system follow our GEOARM Security YouTube page.


 How to Wire the Transformer to a Honeywell L3000 Wireless Security System?

To start you want to depress the two tabs at the top of the system. Gently place the system down so that you don’t crack the screen. You will need a 22 gauge by 2 wire cut to the length from the panel to the outlet itself. You will notice each side of the wire will be prepared in different manners. The side that is going to the transformer will have less of the conduit cut off but more of the actual red and black wire will be cut to expose more copper. Once you have the copper exposed you than want to hook both the red wire and the black wire to loop around the two screws located on the back of the transformer. For the other end of the conduit which will be wired behind the mounting plate, you want to expose more of the conduit and less of the copper so no copper is exposed. Once the transformer has been wired go ahead and run the other end of the wire through the back of the mounting plate tie a knot so the wire does not try to pull itself out of the terminals. A fun fact about this Honeywell LYNX Plus panel is that it uses AC current not DC current so there is not polarity. When screwing the wires into the terminal be cautious not to screw in too hard because you are screwing a metal screw into a plastic terminal. Your Honeywell LYNX Plus L3000 wireless security system is now wired you are ready to sign up for professional monitoring!

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