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 What is Carbon Monoxide?

What is Carbon Monoxide?

What is Carbon Monoxide?

What is Carbon monoxide?

It is an odorless, colorless, tasteless and highly toxic gas that is made when fuels such as wood, gasoline, charcoal and oil are burned with inadequate air. The majority of fatalities occur with heating systems, engine powered tools and charcoal grills. Carbon monoxide is harmful when inhaled because it displaces oxygen in the blood and deprives the heart, brain and other vital organs of oxygen. Large amounts of CO can overcome a person in minutes without warning—causing them to lose consciousness and suffocate.

How can you Stay Protected?

Some precautions you can take to say protected from carbon monoxide poising are as followed.

– Don’t use a charcoal grills, camp stoves, generators, gasoline or charcoal burning devices inside your basement, home, or near a window.

– Make sure to turn your car off upon entering a garage attached to your home and don’t run the vehicle in the garage even with the door open as gases can leak inside the home still.

– Avoid attempting to heat your house with an gas oven.

– Avoid burning anything in a fireplace or stove that does not have proper ventilation.

– Make sure to install a battery operated CO detector in your home. You can find certain alarm systems that will allow you to use wireless backup battery operated CO detectors that can even have a central alarm monitoring company dispatch the fire department if carbon monoxide is detected. Try to change the battery two times per year along with weekly testing of your CO detector.

– Make sure items such as heating system, water heater, gas, oil, or coal burning appliances are inspected annually.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Systems

Honeywell L5210 Wireless Security/Fire System – Make sure to add the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (5800CO)

GE Simon XT Wireless Security/Fire System – Make sure to add the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (600-6520-95)

Qolsys IQ Wireless Security System – Make sure to add the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (QS-5210-P01)

DSC Touch Wireless Security System – Make sure to add the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (WS4913)


Learn how-to-program a Wireless Carbon Monxoide Detector into a Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 Wireless Security system




 Honeywell 3GL Cellular Communicator: How to Locate MAC And CRC Serial Number’s

DIY How to Locate MAC And CRC Serial Number’s on the Honeywell 3GL Cellular Communicator. This is the number that will be needed upon trying to activate your professional central station monitoring with GEOARM! This communicator is also one of the main reasons why the lynx touch series wireless alarm systems are able to use total connect 2.0 interactive alarm monitoring.

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Alarm Monitoring for new or existing systems :


 Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200: DIY How to Install the 3GL Cellular Communicator?


Today i am going to show you how to install the 3GL cellular communicator into the LYNX Touch L5200 wireless security system. Note: Before working with your Honeywell LYNX touch l5200 unplug the backup battery and make sure the l7000 transformer is detached from any power outlet. Organize all of the contents of the wireless security system and the cellular communicator. You will be working with three screws, the 3gl module, and the cellular card. When opening all of these boxes make sure to keep packaging in re sell-able condition in case you need to return the items for any reason.

Depress the two tabs located on the top of the Honeywell L5200 wireless security system. I like to you use a small flat head screw to open the panel. Take the GSM chip that comes with the 3gl cellular communicator. Locate the side on the chip that says gsm. That part will slide into the female slot on the 3gl cellular communicator. Once that has been completed locate the 3 screw terminals in the bottom left of the system and as shown on our video. Align the screws and communicator in their designated slots. Once all three screws have been inserted your communicator is now in place. Locate the Mac and Mac Crc numbers off of the communicator and make note of that as you will need this to activate cellular monitoring with GEOARM. Plug in your backup battery make sure your transformer is wired correctly, seal the panel up and plug in your transformer and Call us so we can schedule your tech appointment to go online with our remote tech support!


 Honeywell 5834-EN: How to Replace the Battery?

Today we are going to teach you how to replace the battery in your Honeywell 5834-4EN wireless four button key transmitter.  Before we begin the 5834-4EN uses a CR2032 – Coin Cell 3V Lithium Alarm Battery . First turn the key fob on its back using a small fillips head. This should allow the case to snap right open. Inside you will find the battery with a sticker on it. The sticker  states it wants you to remove the battery near the gold tab. Once you locate that pop the battery out with a small flat head screw driver. Once the battery is released remove the sticker off of the old battery and place it on the new battery on the positive side. With the sticker facing up replace the new battery into the key fob housing. Now that the battery is in place it is time to replace the cover of the key fob. Starting from the front of the key transmitter there will be a hook which will grab the back end of the key fob gently lay the rest of the case back to its resting point. You will know it is place because everything will line up tightly. With the case lined up go ahead and screw the key fob back together. Now that this has been done test the buttons to see if the light on the front of the key fob transmits a light. If so, that means you have successfully replaced the battery in your Honeywell 5834-4EN wireless 4 button key transmitter.

Click to learn how to program this sensor into the lynx Touch L7000 wireless security system.


 Honeywell L5200: DIY How to Reset the Installer Code?

A common mistake diyers make while using there Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 wireless security system is they access the programming mode and end up locking themselves out when done. This occurs because when exiting programming mode the system will always ask you if you would like the installer to access programming mode again. Typically you are supposed to say yes and then back out. Some people tend to rush through programming and end up saying no. This will not allow you to get back into programming mode.  This video will show you how you can correct this issue. As the video shows you want to make sure your system’s back up battery is unplugged. Once this has been completed you than want to unplug the transformer for a few seconds. Go ahead and plug the transformer back into the outlet. The system will go through a startup procedure this is normal. Once the system loads you will see the red standby notice at the top of the screen. At the time you see this hold down the unlock key for three seconds,  you will notice the digital keypad pops up. From this point you will enter clear 0,0 at this point your system will take you to the area where you enter programming. Now you should be able to select program, if it allows you to do this you have completed the process successfully! Just make sure anytime in the future when leaving programming mode that you always say yes to allow installer back into programming!