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April 30, 2010

See Videofied in Action

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This is an actual video clip captured by a Videofied system and transmitted to GeoArm’s central station. This individual was in the process of burglarizing a construction site north of Tampa, FL.

When your security system leads to the capture of potential criminals (especially when they have been previously burglarized) it leads to some seriously happy Videofied customers! When the central station operator can see what causes the alarm, not only do you eliminate most false alarms, you also get priority dispatch from the police. Police departments know that most alarm systems are blind, and there is a strong chance that they will be responding to a false alarm. When an operator calls and can say that they visually see a crime, police respond much faster, as a robbery in progress. This also eliminates the need for verification calls which take valuable time. Only Videofied wireless video alarm systems make this possible.


April 15, 2010

Videofied Market Reach is Expanding

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RSI Videofied is bringing its signature video alarm monitoring to additional central stations including CMS and Mace CSSS. There is increasing demand for the video verification of alarms which videofied provides, ensuring quicker police response, and eliminating false alarms. According to Keith Jentoft, president of RSI, the New York City Police have indicated that they will assign higher priority for alarm response to those that are video verified. Additionally, Westchester, N.Y. is beginning a policy of making faster response to video verified alarms standard practice. According to Videofied, municipalities across the country, including some in California are also making changes.

Videofied’s wireless capability, ease of install, and competitive pricing make it a perfect solution for a variety of situations that should demand video alarm verification. With the technologies available today, video alarm service is both possible and cost effective in a variety of situations that years ago would have been impossible. The Videofied XL Security System can provide video alarm coverage for a moderate market entry price, and still delivers world class results. Central Stations across the country are scrambling to add a variety of additional video services as demand picks up, but none, in our opinion, match the benefits, and functionality of Videofied.

In fact, similar to our Videofied experience, CMS president Tony Wilson said, “The first system we put in—the first night—we actually got a capture out of it.” Visit GeoArm for more information on Videofied.


April 7, 2010

New Videofied XL Wireless Video Alarm Kit Now Available

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The new Videofied XL security system kit from GeoArm is now available! The new XL panel has greately reduced the entry price for videofied systems. The Videofied XL Panel includes a built in Keypad as well as a prox tag reader for easy arming and disarming. The XL supports up to 20 peripheral devices such as motion viewer cameras, and has a range of approximately 2,000 feet. The integrated GPRS cellular modem and sim card allows thie XL to work in identical fashion as the commecrail grade V6000 Videofied systems.

Videofied XL Wireless Video Alarm Kit

Videofied XL Wireless Video Alarm System Kit from GeoArm

Completely wireless video alarm monitoring has never been so easy! For only $919.99, the Videofied XL security system kit is available from GeoArm. The kit includes the Videofied XL Panel with built in keypad and siren, two door or window contacts, two prox tags, and one motion viewer camera. Paired with unlimited cellular video verification monitoring, the Videofied XL will deliver the type of security you’ve been waiting for. Check out GeoArm for more information on video alarm monitoring with Videofied.


December 18, 2009

Video Killed the Blind PIR

Check out Videofied’s new “music video” featuring thier Motion Viewer, whcih combines a motion detector and video camera.

We have seen success amongst our own Videofied customers in apprehending criminals and preventing theft. Police do truely “prioritize a video alarm” and “come faster in their car!” And the beauty of the videofied system is, being completely wireless, with no A/C power required, and a cellular connection for transmitting videoes, you can really put it anywhere. Check us out on GeoArm for more info about Videofied and Video Verification.


August 13, 2009

Videofied Wireless Security System Delivers Apprehensions

With Videofied, real time Video Verification means that a trained operator is watching video of your location as soon as the motion sensors are tripped. Check out this story from Portland:

One of our clients had a similar experience once he bought the Videofied system from GeoArm.

I am Brian Bishop with Ervin Bishop Construction; we are general contractors out of Tampa, Florida. As everyone in the construction field knows there is a serious problem with theft and vandalism on jobsites. Over a three-month span we had been robbed three times for over thirty thousand dollars in tools, material and damage. Initially, we had thought that connex boxes with internal cam locks would provide a safe place for our tools but we soon found out that it was clearly not enough protection. The thieves hot wired one of our rough terrain telescopic forklifts and used the forks to ram through five connex boxes and pry the doors open. They wiped us out of twenty thousand dollars in tools and equipment. Not to mention, all of the hours that were lost replacing and dealing with the insurance claim.
I felt helpless after the robbery. I knew the only way to stop them was to have real time security and the only method that I knew at the time was a security guard. For this particular job a security guard would have been a huge investment. Ideally I wanted a product that I could take from job to job that had live monitoring and was user friendly. I searched many hours for the most cost effective way to provide real time security to my job site and I finally came across RSI Videofied through GeoArm. Videofied seemed to have all of the answers to my concerns, so I went ahead and ordered it. Installation was easy and the GeoArm staff answered all of my questions over the phone. Within a month after installing the system with the outdoor cameras caught a thief in that act. The staff at GeoArm did an excellent job in identifying the thief and dispatching the Pasco County Sheriffs Department. I am completely satisfied with the Videofied system and the service from GeoArm.

Brian Bishop
Ervin Bishop Construction

And the best news is, this system is completely wireless and mobile. Get protected today with Videofied Verification from GeoArm.

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