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November 11, 2016

AlarmClub Announces the Release of the Honeywell SiXSMOKE

Honeywell Lyric SiXSMOKE Wireless Smoke Detector

Honeywell Lyric SiXSMOKE Wireless Smoke Detector

The Honeywell Lyric SiXSMOKE has finally been released and is available for shipping within the USA and Canada. The SiXSMOKE was announced at the same time as all of the other SiX Series sensors and where available for ordering but, these sensors were delayed for a few months. The Lyric smoke detector is compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Controller and other systems that can utilize SiX sensor. Once the SiXSMOKE is enrolled into the panel, it cannot be used with another control panel until it has been deleted first because of the Lyric Lock feature. Each Lyric smoke detector has a unique MAC number located on the sticker on the unit.

The wireless SiXSMOKE has a maximum coverage area of 50′ X 50′ and detects smoke/heat in two ways Fixed =135° F Heat Sensing and Rate-of-Rise Sensing of =15° F within 1 minute. One of the coolest features of the Lyric SiXSMOKE, when paired with a Lyric Controller is the fact that if you have more than one detector you can set up the One Go All Go feature which will activate all SiXSMOKE’s if one is triggered. You can place the Lyric SiXSMOKE within 300 feet of the alarm control panel which allows you to install in those back areas. The SiXSMOKE works on a a Direct Sequence, Spread Spectrum (DSSS), two-way radio utilizing the 2.4GHz RF band. In the 2.4GHz band, there are 16 channels available for SiX™. When the device registers with the control panel, it will automatically determine which frequency channel the panel is operating on.

When the SiXSMOKE photoelectric beam detects the presence of smoke, it will go into alarm and send the alarm signal to the Lyric Controller. The Lyric SiXSMOKE works best when you have professional alarm monitoring for your Lyric Security System. Once our central alarm monitoring station receives these signals we can dispatch the exact fire department for your area. During an alarm condition, pressing the detectors test switch will silence the piezoelectric horn for 5 minutes. When programmed in one-go-all-go mode, the detector can only be silenced from the controller. When the battery of the Lyric SiXSMOKE is no longer working you will need to replace it with One 3V lithium battery. Duracell DL123 and DL123A, Panasonic CR123A, Honeywell 466. Remove batteries for at least 10 seconds, before installing new ones.

Note: Do not mix old and new batteries, battery types or manufacturers. 

Honeywell SiXSMOKE Frequently Asked Questions

Honeywell SiXSMOKE Product Manuals


January 6, 2016

How to Choose an Alarm Monitoring Company?

When selecting an alarm monitoring company there will be a few things to out look for before making your decision. Try to find an security company that provides top notch and consistent monitoring services, a large selection of security systems, interactive software and applications that integrate with your smart devices for remote control, a broad selection of FAQs and most importantly a plethora of online how to videos for easy technical support.

DIY Home and Business Alarm Monitoring

Home and Business Alarm Monitoring Services

1. Alarm Monitoring Services –  No-TERM Contracts or Hidden Fees!

This is one of the most important aspects to look at before making your decision. You will want to make sure the alarm monitoring company of choice is A+ in the BBB and has a response time of 15-20 seconds or better. The faster the they can receive the alarm signals the faster the proper authorities can be dispatched. Search for an monitoring company that has been in business for a long period of time. This will give you  peace of mind that they will stand the test of time so you don’t go unprotected. In this day an age you will want to look for a company that is transparent in its business model and doesn’t try to collect using the backdoor method. This is where companies state they will provide equipment for “free” as long as you sign up for a long term contract. Using basic math multiplying the monthly rate by the number of months of the contract you come up with the total cost of the equipment and services “not free”. One problem with this type of service is that when your contract runs out with these types of alarm monitoring companies they usually manipulate their alarm panels to be proprietary meaning these systems can only be used if you use their alarm monitoring services. They continue to charge you the same inflated rates and you end up paying for your alarm system over and over again. When you dig a bit deeper and read the contract you can also find these companies hold the right to raise your fees during the contract period. So what you thought you were agreeing to pay can gradually be raised at the discretion of the alarm monitoring company and if you don’t pay those fees you can be reported to credit agencies because you agreed to pay for a long period of time. Try to find an alarm company that presents all of the costs of the systems upfront, low setup/activation fees and low monthly fees. These types of companies will give you a better long term security solution.

Wide Variety of DIY Security Starter Kit's

Variety of Security Systems for Alarm Monitoring Services

2. Selecting a Security System?

When searching for an alarm monitoring company make sure that they offer security system kits from a variety of manufactures with a selection of communication paths including cellular and dual path. Each system has different available options so one system may fit your criteria better than another. If a company only offers one type of system they may be biased in selling you a system that may not be the best fit for you and your family. For example some systems only have a AT&T cellular communicator option’s and you need a security system compatible with Verizon. Look for a company with a variety because they can size your circumstance and recommend security system that will best suit you.

In addition the company you end up going with make sure they offer you an extensive selection of additional parts at reasonable prices in case you want to add additional alarm sensors such as glass break detectors, panic buttons, flood sensors etc… Most security systems these days can offer you z-wave home automation features and cameras so while investigating make sure the alarm monitoring company you go with is able to provide these services and products.

3.  Alarm Monitoring Customer Support 

The alarm company you choose should provide you with an extensive collection of online how-to-videos for your alarm system and an FAQ section that can assist you with getting through various troubleshooting issues. Look to see if the company’s webpage provides you with an online live chat and a toll free number where an actual representative can be reached. Lastly, you want to make sure the alarm monitoring company you choose provides remote customer support where they can remotely access your alarm control panel and handle most troubleshooting issues without having to send a technician. This is a much more modern way to correct errors with these security systems and can save you hundreds if not thousands of your hard earned dollars.


August 7, 2015

Qolsys IQ Panel: How to Install the QS-1112-P01 Mini-Door/Window Contact

DIY How to Install the QS-1112-P01 Mini-Door and Window Contact in conjunction with your Qolsys IQ wireless security system.

Take your QS-1112-P01 mini-door and window contact, remove all the contents from the box carefully. The box should contain the magnet, sensor, packet of adhesive and most important the instructions. Next, you will begin to put the adhesive on the sensor and the magnet, then pull off the battery tabs. Now you are ready to install it. Before you install the QS-1112-P01 mini-door and window contact make sure you pull off the adhesive, clean the mounting surface with rubbing alcohol and apply the sensor on the door frame and the magnet on the actual moving part of the door/window. Please make sure you have the magnet lined up with the triangle as shown in the video. You will also notice there is a knockout on the back of the QS-1112-P01 mini-door and window contact. Screw that part into the wall so if someone attempted to pull the device off the wall it will trigger a tamper the alarm.

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February 14, 2013

Real GEOARM Security Customers Love Us!

This is from Marc, in Florida:

“I just got my new DSC Connect 24 (“C24″) interactive security system installed and got it up and running with GEOARM. I have every possibility and option with my security system in combination with my Z Wave Home Automation System that’s unbelievable. I open my garage door and the security system disarms and the home automation turns on the light in the house. At night when I walk to the fridge, I pass by a motion detector the detector now triggers the light in the kitchen, no need for me to find the light switch in the dark. It’s unbelievable what the system is capable of. With the help and knowledge from GEOARM’s support it wouldn’t be possible for me to set it up.They made it real easy. The best is the PRICE, I was in business to get a new system, ADT offers the PULSE system .. which is exactly the same what the DSC C24 Interactive is .. one little difference is the monthly price. Also the Comcast Xfinity System that is out now in most states is the same system .. even here Comcast is trying to be cheap on the monthly .. GEOARM is still cheaper and it’s a better SUPPORT .. If you ever called Comcast you know what I’m talking about. If you call GEOARM you get directly an answer .. the stuff is always friendly and even response quickly on emails. I’m really impressed. I’m with GEOARM now since almost 3 yrs and they saved me a lot of money. Thanks Guys !!!!”


July 20, 2010

eSecure users can save money with Total Connect from GeoArm

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eSecure is a branded version of Honeywell’s Total Connect Interactive services provided by Protection One. Users who have eSecure service can switch to GeoArm’s AlarmNet service with the Total Connect option and sometimes save more that 50% on monitoring services. Signing up for GeoArm’s AlarmNet monitoring service online is easy, and our technicians are experienced with all the available Honeywell AlarmNet radios and serivices. Internet AlarmNet service with Total Connect is only $17 per month, while Cellular AlarmNet service with Total Connect is only $25 per month. GeoArm’s central station is UL listed and has an excellent track record of customer service and timely response. Why pay more to Protection One when all they are doing is rebranding the same service with their logos?

Honeywell’s Total Connect App provides all the interactive security services available with your equipment, without the protection one brand. Dowload Total Connect from the Itunes store for free! There is no need to be paying Protection One’s high rates when you can get the same service without the private branding from GeoArm!

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