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February 14, 2013

Real GEOARM Security Customers Love Us!

This is from Marc, in Florida:

“I just got my new DSC Connect 24 (“C24″) interactive security system installed and got it up and running with GEOARM. I have every possibility and option with my security system in combination with my Z Wave Home Automation System that’s unbelievable. I open my garage door and the security system disarms and the home automation turns on the light in the house. At night when I walk to the fridge, I pass by a motion detector the detector now triggers the light in the kitchen, no need for me to find the light switch in the dark. It’s unbelievable what the system is capable of. With the help and knowledge from GEOARM’s support it wouldn’t be possible for me to set it up.They made it real easy. The best is the PRICE, I was in business to get a new system, ADT offers the PULSE system .. which is exactly the same what the DSC C24 Interactive is .. one little difference is the monthly price. Also the Comcast Xfinity System that is out now in most states is the same system .. even here Comcast is trying to be cheap on the monthly .. GEOARM is still cheaper and it’s a better SUPPORT .. If you ever called Comcast you know what I’m talking about. If you call GEOARM you get directly an answer .. the stuff is always friendly and even response quickly on emails. I’m really impressed. I’m with GEOARM now since almost 3 yrs and they saved me a lot of money. Thanks Guys !!!!”


July 16, 2010

City of Oakland, CA May Not Respond to Some Crimes?

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In an alarming statement, Oakland, CA police cheif Anthony Batts has announced that if the city continues with its plans to lay off as much as 10% of police officers, that the department may not be able to respond to a laundry list of crimes. Amongst many others, the list of potential crimes inludes:

  • grand theft
  • embezzlement
  • extortion
  • vandalism
  • and of course: burglary!

If the chief is correct in his assumption, residents of Oakland will have to report these crimes online at the departments webpage. Now, there has been no mention of whether the department will continue to respond to burglar alarm dispatches from central stations, but based on the city’s extensive permitting plan and false alarm fees, it seems that they will.

It seems imprudent for an officer, let along a chief to let everyone (including criminals) know that his police department will no longer respond to certain crimes. Having a permitted and monitored alarm system in Oakland may have just become a little more important.


August 13, 2009

Videofied Wireless Security System Delivers Apprehensions

With Videofied, real time Video Verification means that a trained operator is watching video of your location as soon as the motion sensors are tripped. Check out this story from Portland:

One of our clients had a similar experience once he bought the Videofied system from GeoArm.

I am Brian Bishop with Ervin Bishop Construction; we are general contractors out of Tampa, Florida. As everyone in the construction field knows there is a serious problem with theft and vandalism on jobsites. Over a three-month span we had been robbed three times for over thirty thousand dollars in tools, material and damage. Initially, we had thought that connex boxes with internal cam locks would provide a safe place for our tools but we soon found out that it was clearly not enough protection. The thieves hot wired one of our rough terrain telescopic forklifts and used the forks to ram through five connex boxes and pry the doors open. They wiped us out of twenty thousand dollars in tools and equipment. Not to mention, all of the hours that were lost replacing and dealing with the insurance claim.
I felt helpless after the robbery. I knew the only way to stop them was to have real time security and the only method that I knew at the time was a security guard. For this particular job a security guard would have been a huge investment. Ideally I wanted a product that I could take from job to job that had live monitoring and was user friendly. I searched many hours for the most cost effective way to provide real time security to my job site and I finally came across RSI Videofied through GeoArm. Videofied seemed to have all of the answers to my concerns, so I went ahead and ordered it. Installation was easy and the GeoArm staff answered all of my questions over the phone. Within a month after installing the system with the outdoor cameras caught a thief in that act. The staff at GeoArm did an excellent job in identifying the thief and dispatching the Pasco County Sheriffs Department. I am completely satisfied with the Videofied system and the service from GeoArm.

Brian Bishop
Ervin Bishop Construction

And the best news is, this system is completely wireless and mobile. Get protected today with Videofied Verification from GeoArm.


July 7, 2009

Don’t be one of the 2 Million.

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According to the FBI’s crime statistics and trends, well over 2 million American homes and businesses will be burglarized this year. That’s more than one burglary every 15 seconds! Sadly enough, the bad news is that crime tends to accelerate during times of economic struggle. Don’t wait until you are the victim, be proactive and protect yourself now. With a GeoArm wireless security system, it’s both easy and affordable. Or if you already have a burglar alarm system, transfer your monitoring to GeoArm today and start saving with our discount monitoring rates. And don’t forget, you could really be saving a lot more… up to 20% on your homeowners insurance with a monitored alarm system from GeoArm.


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