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 ADC-SEM-100-CDMA / ADC-SEM-100-LTE: Installation to Honeywell Vista Systems

Here you will learn how to install the ADC-SEM-100-CDMA / ADC-SEM-100-LTE cellular communicator into Honeywell Vista security systems. Compatible Vista panels are as follows Vista 10p/10psia, 15p/15psia, 20p/20psia and 21ip wired systems. In the past typically Honeywell Vista panels would achieve interactive alarm monitoring services by using their own Total Connect application. Now, customers have another option to add to the list.

The ADC-SEM-100-CDMA / ADC-SEM-100-LTE uses for reporting of alarms and other system events using the CDMA/LTE networks. The SEM is meant to be used as the primary communication path for all alarm signals to our central monitoring station. Once installed and activated the SEM module allows for remote operation by the customer from their smart devices. They will have the ability to access the system at any time from any location. Additional features include viewing system and sensor status/ history, remote arming/disarming, setting up and managing user codes, creating customized email and text notifications for any type of alarm or none- alarm activity at their property. The SEM cellular communicator also supports home automation services due to its built in z-wave receiver.

Tools and Supplies needed to complete the SEM installation

• Wire and fuse – Included

• 3 screws for mounting – Included

• Wall Anchors for mounting – Included

• Small flathead and Phillips screwdriver

• Drill and bits – optional

• Four-conductor 22-guage or larger stranded wire

Honeywell Alpha programming keypad  – Recommended for installation SEM Cellular CDMA Communicator for Vista Panels SEM Cellular CDMA Communicator


 Benefits of Honeywell SiX Series Sensors

Honeywell SiX Series Sensors

                                                Honeywell SiX Series Sensors

The Honeywell Lyric Security System has added a whole new product line of wireless sensors called SiX Series. The SiX line includes a suite of next-generation devices that include a SiXPIR, SiXCT contact, SiXSMOKE detector, SiXGB, two-way SiXFOB and wireless SiXSIREN with LED indicator lights. SiX devices provide key advantages over the previous Honeywell 5800 devices.

The most popular and important advancement to SiX Sensors is its secure encryption. These devices send their supervised signals back to a supported control panel such as the Honeywell Lyric Controller by introducing secure 128 bit encrypted AES signals for a higher level of security. This is accomplished with direct sequence, spread spectrum DSSS, two-way radio utilizing the 2.4GHz RF band. In the 2.4GHz frequency there are 16 channels available for SiX devices and when it registers with a supported alarm control panel, it will automatically determine which frequency channel the panel is operating on. This creates a fluctuation in the reporting signals which enables the encryption.

SiX devices allow for easier DIY installations and maintenance with its easy pull battery tabs, auto enrollment, and no touch adjustment capabilities. SiX is easier to maintain with its addition of the system health check feature. This feature lets the end users monitor their devices signal strength so they know the location of the sensors is sufficient, battery life so one can prepare themselves to replace batteries before they go into a trouble condition, sensor settings to make self-adjustments to the way sensors react.  All of these additions can also be remotely monitored and adjusted by Alarmclub if you are a monitored client.

Lastly, a feature called Lyric Lock has been introduced. Honeywell Lyric Lock works when a SiX device is programmed to a Lyric Controller it can only communicate with that dedicated system until it has been deprogrammed. This is one feature to be cautious about because alarm companies can remotely turn Lyric Lock on to prevent account takeovers by competitors or self-programming. AlarmClub never locks their customers out of the system programming and gives them the option to how they want sensors to be programmed with their systems.



 AlarmClub Announces the Release of the Honeywell SiXSMOKE

Honeywell Lyric SiXSMOKE Wireless Smoke Detector

Honeywell Lyric SiXSMOKE Wireless Smoke Detector

The Honeywell Lyric SiXSMOKE has finally been released and is available for shipping within the USA and Canada. The SiXSMOKE was announced at the same time as all of the other SiX Series sensors and where available for ordering but, these sensors were delayed for a few months. The Lyric smoke detector is compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Controller and other systems that can utilize SiX sensor. Once the SiXSMOKE is enrolled into the panel, it cannot be used with another control panel until it has been deleted first because of the Lyric Lock feature. Each Lyric smoke detector has a unique MAC number located on the sticker on the unit.

The wireless SiXSMOKE has a maximum coverage area of 50′ X 50′ and detects smoke/heat in two ways Fixed =135° F Heat Sensing and Rate-of-Rise Sensing of =15° F within 1 minute. One of the coolest features of the Lyric SiXSMOKE, when paired with a Lyric Controller is the fact that if you have more than one detector you can set up the One Go All Go feature which will activate all SiXSMOKE’s if one is triggered. You can place the Lyric SiXSMOKE within 300 feet of the alarm control panel which allows you to install in those back areas. The SiXSMOKE works on a a Direct Sequence, Spread Spectrum (DSSS), two-way radio utilizing the 2.4GHz RF band. In the 2.4GHz band, there are 16 channels available for SiX™. When the device registers with the control panel, it will automatically determine which frequency channel the panel is operating on.

When the SiXSMOKE photoelectric beam detects the presence of smoke, it will go into alarm and send the alarm signal to the Lyric Controller. The Lyric SiXSMOKE works best when you have professional alarm monitoring for your Lyric Security System. Once our central alarm monitoring station receives these signals we can dispatch the exact fire department for your area. During an alarm condition, pressing the detectors test switch will silence the piezoelectric horn for 5 minutes. When programmed in one-go-all-go mode, the detector can only be silenced from the controller. When the battery of the Lyric SiXSMOKE is no longer working you will need to replace it with One 3V lithium battery. Duracell DL123 and DL123A, Panasonic CR123A, Honeywell 466. Remove batteries for at least 10 seconds, before installing new ones.

Note: Do not mix old and new batteries, battery types or manufacturers. 

Honeywell SiXSMOKE Frequently Asked Questions

Honeywell SiXSMOKE Product Manuals


 Review of the Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR

Honeywell Lyric SiXGB Product Review

Honeywell Lyric SiXGB Product Review

The Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR is an encrypted wireless motion sensor with mounting hardware and is intended for use with the Lyric Controller and systems that support’s SiX™ series sensors. The Lyric SiXPIR can be programmed and enrolled into the Honeywell Lyric Controller in a very quickly. Once enrolled, the Lyric SiXPIR sensor cannot be used with another security system until it is removed from the current controller because of its Lyric Lock feature. Each SiXPIR has a unique MAC number located on the sticker on the unit.

The Lyric SiXPIR has a 300-foot transmission range which is around 100 feet more than the previous 5800PIR so now you can place your motion sensor in those far away extra bedrooms from the Lyric Controller. SiXPIR has moved to a 2.4ghz operating frequency which provides you with a 128 bit fully encrypted signal to prevent intruders from jamming the RF signals. The Lyric SiXPIR has expanded its detection with a 40 foot x 56-foot detection pattern which has been designed to protect every size room. The SiXPIR has front and back tamper protection, to prevent anyone from tampering with the enclosure. There are LED indicators on the motion sensor for visual sensor notifications. If you have Total Connect services activated, you can also receive text and email notification anytime this occurs.

The Lyric Motion comes with a Panasonic CR12A Lithium battery that can last for 5 years with normal use. Once the Panasonic battery that comes with the SiXPIR has died you can replace it with One 3V lithium battery. Duracell DL123 and Duracell DL123a, Panasonic CR123A, Honeywell 466.

When installing a Honeywell SiXPIR motion sensor there are a few guidelines you should follow and look at if you are troubleshooting. The Lyric Motion sensor should be installed at a mounting height of 7’6″ either wall or corner mounted and allow a clear line-of-sight to all areas protected. Do not directly face a Lyric SiXPIR towards a window as traffic, window shades, or animals outside can set the motion detector off a cause false alarms. Avoid mounting a SixPIR in close proximity to moving machinery, fluorescent lights, and heating/cooling sources. Lastly, the Lyric SiXPIR is for use with pets no greater than 80lbs. In applications with pets mount the SiXPIR sensor with the center at 7.5 feet and where pets can’t come within 6 feet by climbing on furniture, stairs, or boxes. Before your permanently install a SiXPIR make sure that you run a Go/No Go test and determine if the pet immunity will work with your circumstance.

If possible it is always recommended to have at least one Honeywell SiXPIR motion sensor but, if you can’t use this there are other great options that will help solidify your home or business security system. Try to protect all of your door/windows by using one of the Honeywell SiXCT door/window contacts in the event an intruder opens an entry point and separates the magnet from the contact causing the Lyric Controller alarm to go off. Having door/window contacts is usually the most common method of security but, what if someone breaks into your location by breaking your glass door or window? If this is the case, we always recommend backing up your Lyric SiXCT contacts with a Honeywell SiXGB. The Lyric SiXGB works by detecting all UL listed glass break frequencies and sends the signal directly to the Lyric Controller as an alarm signal. A good combination of these devices will set your house apart from other homes especially when you have AlarmClub’s Alarm Monitoring Service that comes with Signs & Stickers as a deterrent.

Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR Product Review

Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR Product Review

Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR Frequently Asked Questions

Honeywell Lyric SiXPIR Product Reviews


 Review of the Lyric SiXCT

Honeywell Lyric SiXCT Review

Honeywell Lyric SiXCT Review

The Honeywell Lyric SiXCT is a wireless door or window alarm contact, compatible with the Lyric Controller and other systems that supports SiX™ series sensors. The Lyric SiXCT can be programmed and enrolled into the Honeywell Lyric Controller very quickly. Once enrolled, the SiXCT sensor cannot be used with another system until it is deprogrammed from the current panel due to the Lyric Lock feature. Each SiXCT has a unique MAC number located on the sticker on the unit.

A new feature of the Honeywell Lyric Security System and SiXCT wireless contact is its sensor health check. The transmitter will always report its battery status to the alarm control panel so the battery level can always be viewed on the ZONES screen. The SiXCT has upgraded its battery life to 5 years’ typical use which is an improvement from the 5816 which had an estimated range between 3-5 years. Designed to conserve battery life, SiX wireless devices are normally in an ultra-low-power state. (Radio off, LED’s off) Several events can “wakeup” a device; change of state for an external input (reed switch), sensors will also “wakeup” on a time-based interval, and time-based wakeups occur every 30 seconds.

The Lyric SiXCT is now has a 300-foot transmission range, which is about 100 feet more than the previous Honeywell 5816 contact. This will allow you to place sensors in faraway extra bedrooms. By using 128-bit AES encryption to prevent against RF jamming, rest assured your Lyric SiXCT open/close alarm signals are being sent and received securely by the Lyric Controller. The SiXCT contains front and back tamper protection, to prevent anyone from tampering with the enclosure. In the event, either of the tamper switches is activated your Lyric Controller will notify you with an alert. If you have the Total Connect application activated, you will also receive a text message and email notification directly to your smart devices. The Honeywell SiXCT has LED indicators on the door/window contact for visual sensor notifications for programming and status.

The Honeywell SiXCT wireless contact can be installed and programmed in a few different ways. The first would be to install the contact using the magnet for complete wireless functionality. When choosing this installation, method make sure the magnet is between 0.75″ – 1″ or the sensor may not work correctly. The second installation method would be using the wired terminals on the inside of the SiXCT which is where you can wire a hardwired sensor with a max distance of 3 feet into the wireless Lyric Contact and have it send a wireless signal back to the Lyric Controller.

Though the Honeywell SiXCT and 5816 both share the above installation and usage features they are a bit different as to how they are programmed into the alarm control panel. With older 5816 contacts, you would program two different zones using two different loop numbers. When programming a SiXCT sensor to use both a hardwired zone and a wireless zone using the magnet you would simply program the hardwired zone as a contact into its own zone and the wireless aspect would be programmed into its own separate zone labeled Reed. This is not the most common way to setup your SiX contact but, if it is not programmed correctly into the controller it will not function properly.

Honeywell SiXCT wireless devices are a great addition to your home or business and will protect you against intruders whether you are home or away if they open a door/window and separate the magnet from the contact but, you may be asking what if they decide to break the glass window or door? If you have a fear of an intruder breaking either your glass window or door, then you may want to think about adding a Lyric SiXGB glass break sensor which works as a sound detector for all UL listed glass break frequencies. The SiXGB will also protect your whether you are home or away. Another suggestion to be used in conjunction with the SiXCT is using the Lyric SiXPIR wireless motion sensor. The SiXPIR is a great addition to a home or business because no matter how or when an intruder decides to break in the Lyric Motion sensor will play clean up by detecting any kind of motion while you are away. In final, while the Honeywell SiXCT is the staple of your security system they work best in conjunction with a variety of SiX Series Sensors.

Honeywell Lyric SiXCT Product Review

Honeywell Lyric SiXCT Product Review

Honeywell Lyric SiXCT Frequently Asked Questions

Honeywell Lyric SiXCT Product Manuals