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February 12, 2015

How to Install the GSMV4G to a VISTA-20P?

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Installation of the GSMV4G to a Honeywell VISTA-20P Control Panel:
The Honeywell GSMV4G is a 4G cellular alarm communicator powered by AlarmNet service. When you add a GSMV4G to a Honeywell VISTA-20P security system, your panel will be able to send all of it’s alarm signals out over the AT&T 4G cellular network. You do need to sign up for AlarmNet service until after you install it to VISTA-20P control panel.

You will need a a length of four conductor wire and a length of two conductor wire to install your GSMV4G cellular alarm communicator. This wire is not included and can be found at a hardware store such as the Home Depot. Look for 22-gauge or 18-gauge stranded wire. Begin your install by popping open the two plastic tabs at the bottom of the GSMV4G. Mount the communicator to the wall next to your VISTA-20P metal alarm box. Use the four conductor wire to connect terminals 3 through 6 on the GSMV4G to terminals 4 through 7 on the VISTA-20P control panel. Terminals 4-7 on the VISTA-20P are the ECP terminals and will already have wires landed to them as all alarm keypads, wireless receivers and four wire alarm sensors use these terminals. Simply land your new communicator wires under the terminals in parallel with any existing wires. Terminal 3 on the GSMV4G is the ECP + VOLTAGE INPUT terminal and should be connected to Terminal 5 on the VISTA-20P. Terminal 4 on the GSMV4G is the GND terminal and should be connected to Terminal 4 on the VISTA-20P. Terminal 5 is the ECP DATA IN terminal on the GSMV4G and should be connected to Terminal 7 on the VISTA-20P. Finally, Terminal 6 is the ECP DATA OUT terminal on the GSMV4G and should be connected to Terminal 6 on the VISTA-20P. If these connections are not made in this sequence, your GSMV4G will not work properly.

Once you have your four wire connection between the cellular alarm communicator and the alarm control panel, you just have to supply power to the GSMV4G to complete your installation. You have two options for connecting the included AC transformer to your GSMV4G. You can simply plug the transformer into an available wall outlet and then use your two conductor wire to connect the two screw terminals on the transformer to Terminals 1 and 2 on the GSMV4G. When making these connections, polarity does not matter. The other option is to replace your existing VISTA-20P transformer with the transformer that comes with your GSMV4G. With a 16.5VAC 40VA transformer connected to the VISTA-20P, you can simply run your two conductor wire from the AC terminals on the VISTA-20P (Terminals 1 and 2) to the first two terminals on the GSMV4G cellular communicator. With this setup, you are actually using a single transformer to power both devices and you only need one available wall outlet which can be convenient.

Finally, connect the included backup battery to the charging circuit of the GSMV4G so that the cellular communicator will still be able to transmit alarm signals during a power outage. Make sure to close the cover of the GSMV4G once you have completed your installation otherwise your panel will have a bF or Check 103 tamper problem.

Once you have installed your GSMV4G on your VISTA-20P control panel, you are ready to sign up for GEOARM’s AlarmNet monitoring service. If you are interested in cellular monitoring plans please check out our professional and Total Connect DIY alarm monitoring services. Feel free to reach out to us at or 877-443-6276 with any further questions.


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