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January 29, 2015

Honeywell 5878 wireless wall transmitter has been discontinued

The Honeywell 5878 wireless keypad was a compact, 6-button wall-mounted wireless transmitter that has been discontinued by Honeywell. This device permitted an alarm system or home automation device to be controlled remotely. The transmitter was typically used for security system arming, panic and controlling output relay operations associated with home automation devices. If you are looking for a similar device you can you always use a Honeywell 5828 wireless keypad or a Honeywell 5828v wireless keypad and even better yet you can always sign up for Honeywell AlarmNet Interactive monitoring services by GEOARM security. This will allow you to Control all of you alarm system features from the palm of your hand!


January 22, 2015

Honeywell GSM-ANT3DB AlarmNet Weatherproof Remote GSM Antenna

The Honeywell GSM-ANT3DB is a weatherproof remote external GSM cellular antenna that is compatible with an array of AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicators and dual path alarm monitoring communicators. The Honeywell GSM-ANT3Db has a higher gain (3dBi) than the standard GSM antenna of an AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator’s so that means three times the signal strength! We recommend adding the Honeywell GSM-ANT3dB if your AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator is checking in outside of the acceptable range. If that is happening, your Honeywell keypad would be showing a 103 fault.

There are three different extension cable options which are not included when purchasing the GSM-ANT3DB alone but, you can purchase one of these three kits to mount , depending on how long of a cable you need   5 ’, 25’, or 50’ from your AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator. The versatile, weatherproof design of the GSM-ANT3dB allows you to install the GSM3DB inside or outside so that you can get the optimal cellular signal strength for your monitored security system.

The Honeywell GSM-ANT3dB Weatherproof Remote Antenna optimizes transmissions with field diversity technology. The versatile, weatherproof design is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

The Honeywell GSM-ANT3db as we were stating earlier is compatible with numerous AlarmNet cellular communicators those include all of the following:

We have also noticed that a lot of people feel that the Honeywell GSM-ANT3Db is not a compatible addition to the Honeywell LYNX touch series panels that is not the case. All you would have to do is just add the GSM-EXT adapter.

We are also including some manuals for your convience:

Data Sheet for GSM-ANT3DB

Guide for AlarmNet antennas

Technical Document for AlarmNet GSM Antennas

Installation Guide for AlarmNet GSM-ANT3dB Antenna


January 15, 2015

7847i-L – Honeywell AlarmNet Broadband Internet Alarm Communicator (for LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless security system) has been discontinued – GEOARM

Here at GEOARM we have received word that the 7847i-l for the LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless Broadband Internet Security System has been Discontinued and will not be available for purchase anymore. There has not been any exact reasoning as to why manufacturing of this product has seized. One thing we can think of  is with the evolution of Wi-Fi this 7847i-l may have become obsolete. A downside of this communicator was also that when you used this device you could not do dual path alarm monitoring which is where you would use the internet as the primary communication path and the cellular communicator as the backup mode of communication. Now when purchasing a LYNX Plus L3000 Wireless Security system there will only be two communication paths either via landline/voip or through a GSMVLP-4G which is the cell communicator that is meant for this system.


January 14, 2015

Yale Real Living Z-Wave Wireless Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt

Yale Real Living Z-Wave Wireless Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt

Yale Real Living Z-Wave Wireless Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt

Yale Real Living touchscreen and push button locks work with a variety of wireless home control or home security systems. Owners experience a new type of ‘real living’, the lock becomes the first point of contact for security and home control on any door the lock is installed. Experience ‘real living’ possibilities – Enter a user code to enable a welcome scene that disarms the security system, activates lights, and even adjust the thermostat. Know when family members or friends come and go and have the ability to remotely lock or unlock your doors. The lock ensures that your home is always secure. You’re in control with Yale Real Living! Not to mention this device comes in three beautiful colors bronze, brass, and nickel.


January 13, 2015

How does Alarm Monitoring Work?

How and GEOARM alarm monitoring services work?

How and GEOARM alarm monitoring services work. alarm monitoring is defined by GEOARM Security, as a communication between your existing security system, any smart phone/device and our central station.

Your 2GIG or GE control panel is the “brains” of a network of detectors/sensors, which may include window or door sensors, motion detectors, and/or temperature, flood, and smoke detectors. When your system is armed and any of these detectors/sensors are triggered, an emergency signal is sent to the GEOARM compatible alarm monitoring station via the wireless cellular towers.

The initial signal sent by your compatible control panel will alert monitoring personnel at the GEOARM central station, who will call to notify you and confirm whether it’s a real emergency or a false alarm. If you don’t respond, then GEOARM will contact the proper agency (police, fire, or EMS) to dispatch emergency personnel to your address.

Critical information is sent by your home security system to the GEOARM alarm monitoring center, including account identification (to access your address and contact information) and the type of sensor that has been triggered. For example, a smoke detector event will cause the alarm monitoring service to contact the fire department, while the signal from a medical alert pendant will be routed to ambulance or paramedic services.

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