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December 2, 2014

Bring Your Home to Life with Honeywell’s TUX Voice Keypad!

We get plenty of calls here at GEOARM Security on a daily basis. One question we seem to receive plenty of calls on is someone having a Honeywell Vista Series wired alarm panel and wanting to add a nice touchscreen keypad. The Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Voice is the perfect keypad but, not only is it just an ordinary keypad it also has its own premise control with a built in web server. Meaning by doing something as simple as speaking, you can enjoy amazing, hands free home control. Simply say “Hello Tuxedo” to bring it to life. Once Tux has been connected to your Honeywell Vista panel it can complete various tasks such as arming your system, creating scenes “sunrise/sunset”, controlling lights, thermostats, locks and more!

You can set the system up so when you return home certain lights can automatically turn on and simultaneously  have your thermostat turn down to begin cooling your home and certain doors unlocked so you can access your home much easier for example if you had groceries in your hand.

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