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October 22, 2014

Its October that means its Crime Prevention Month!

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Its October that means its Crime Prevention Month. With that being said from all of us here at GEOARM we would like to offer some advice on keeping your home safe when you are not home.

  • Keep the lights on – A burglar will tend to break into a house or apartment that is poorly lit as opposed to a house that is well lit.
  • Make sure to trim the hedges- A well kept yard will tell any possible burglars that someone is home to maintain the yard.
  • When you are not home make it seem as if you are home- This can be obtained by keeping some lights on and or a tv on to make it seem as if someone is still home. We would recommend doing this with a security system that offers the availability to do home automation. Through home automation you can now schedule certain lights and devices to be on while you are not. If you dont have a security system capable of doing this we would then recommend getting some timers to be set at times you will be away.
  • Place your security signs and stickers up- A burglar will think twice when they see you have a burglar alarm system with monitoring.
  • Tint your window and keep your blinds closed- Keep your valuable out of sight from any potential burglar by tinting your windows and keeping your blinds closed. We dont want to make it easy for a burglar to know what you have.
  • Social Media- This day and age social media is booming, that is a wonderful thing we have but, it should not be a feed to announce that you will not be home.


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