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October 3, 2014

Honeywell VISTA Automation Module (VAM)

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Do you have a vista series wired alarm system? Have you always wanted to be able to do home automation but, thought your system couldn’t support it? Your questions have been answered; Honeywell has come up with a module called “VAM” or Vista Automation Module. This module will allow most Honeywell Vista series panels to do home automation.

For those readers that this is the first time hearing about home automation no worries, I will bring you up to speed. Home automation essentially is where your alarm system can communicate with z wave devices. There are z wave light modules, z wave door locks, z wave thermostats, z wave blind controls and more! Once you have those modules installed and ready to go, you can then control these devices via iPhone, Ipad, or even computer. So if you forget to arm your system, lock your doors, or turn the ac down before your leave, not to worry you can log right into your alarm net app and handle all of those issues right from the palm of your hand!

For maximum engagement with you alarm system and z wave devices linked to your system you would want to sign up for interactive monitoring services. This feature continues to become more popular with the advancement of home automation. With the VAM combined with interactive monitoring you can have endless possibilities as to what you can do with your home. For more information or to see if your system is compatible with this module contact us!!


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