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February 20, 2014

Total Connect 2.0 Tips: Creating Scheduled Event Notifications

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If you want to receive an email and/or text message during certain times of the day, you would create a scheduled event notification.

In this example; when the “High Value Tool Room” is opened during the night shift, a notification will be sent to the “default group” of users. This type of notification might be used when you want to be notified of an event that might occur during a certain time schedule when the security system is disarmed. When this event occurs (during the scheduled time), each member of the “default group” will be notified.

1. On the Events, Rules & Notifications bar, click the Setup icon.

2. Pick the event category: Security, Video, Automation, Admin or Timed.

3. From the Security > Sensor Open/Close event category, choose the event “Sensor Open”, then “HV Tool Room”.

4. At the right, click “Notification”. The notification info window appears.

5. Enter a subject name for the notification. Then from the “Send To” drop-down menu, select the user group to notify (ensure the “Enabled” box is checked). From the “Sched/State” drop-down field, choose “Always” to cover every day.

6. Since this is a time dependent event, click the “Sched/State Edit” button to set up the schedule.

7. The schedule window appears

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