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January 23, 2014

YELP: Are Your GEOARM Reviews Being Removed From Their Site?

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Yelp deletes GEOARM great alarm company reviews.

Yelp deletes GEOARM great alarm company reviews.

GEOARM Security does not pay YELP for their advertising services.

YELP has recently made headlines with news of a class-action lawsuit that alleges YELP controls its reviews to pander to its advertisers. YELP has purposely removed positive reviews from their site and left negative ones in order to push advertising packages on companies which would remove the negative reviews for a monthly fee. Many businesses have become the victims of a truly biased company review website. You will notice that companies that have positive reviews remain on YELP are most likely subscribing to their monthly advertising service in which they are promised that all negative reviews will be removed if you do sign on with them. All companies and potential customers should be aware that the reviews posted on the YELP website are filtered and only negative reviews remain on the website for an extended period of time.

If your GEOARM Security positive review was deleted by Yelp, please go here:



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