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September 27, 2013

Can Honeywell Security Systems Be Self-Monitored?

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Absolutely, with GeoArm the option for total connect is always available for Do-It-Yourselfer’s and Professionals. With No-Term “self” alarm monitoring plans starting at $8 a month, you are never locked into a long-term commitment and can cancel your services at any time.

If you are a big DIY’er than this interactive option will satisfy your remote control security system desires. Additionally, there are also a lot of perks that can also be added with Honeywell Total Connect interactive software. If you are the customer who likes to control almost anything and everything from a cell phone (Apple, Android, BlackBerry and more!), computer or iPad then this is the service you want. A technology called “Z-Wave” will make all of your Home Automation control dreams come true. With a Z-Wave compatible system you can control your doors, locks, lights, thermostats, flood control detectors, etc. If an alarm is ever triggered, you are immediately notified via text message and/or email notification so you are the first to know, right when it happens. If your system has Honeywell Total Connect security cameras you can log in from your phone, computer, etc and see exactly what is going on. You can control up to six (6) wireless cameras under one rmaccount. Look in live to manage your property, get email/text message video clip motion-activated notifications (of 10 seconds duration) and store this information offsite on the cloud.

  • Conner Holmes

    If you have lots of valuables in home, you can always get a sturdy fireproof safe to keep them. To secure the exterior of your home you should always make sure your yard has good lighting and CCTV systems.

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