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February 14, 2013

Real GEOARM Security Customers Love Us!

This is from Marc, in Florida:

“I just got my new DSC Connect 24 (“C24″) interactive security system installed and got it up and running with GEOARM. I have every possibility and option with my security system in combination with my Z Wave Home Automation System that’s unbelievable. I open my garage door and the security system disarms and the home automation turns on the light in the house. At night when I walk to the fridge, I pass by a motion detector the detector now triggers the light in the kitchen, no need for me to find the light switch in the dark. It’s unbelievable what the system is capable of. With the help and knowledge from GEOARM’s support it wouldn’t be possible for me to set it up.They made it real easy. The best is the PRICE, I was in business to get a new system, ADT offers the PULSE system .. which is exactly the same what the DSC C24 Interactive is .. one little difference is the monthly price. Also the Comcast Xfinity System that is out now in most states is the same system .. even here Comcast is trying to be cheap on the monthly .. GEOARM is still cheaper and it’s a better SUPPORT .. If you ever called Comcast you know what I’m talking about. If you call GEOARM you get directly an answer .. the stuff is always friendly and even response quickly on emails. I’m really impressed. I’m with GEOARM now since almost 3 yrs and they saved me a lot of money. Thanks Guys !!!!”


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