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September 27, 2012

Can I Keep my Wired Contacts with a 2GIG Security System?

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Yes, with the 2GIG Go! Control wireless security system you will have an option for 2 hard wired zones but, if you are looking to connect more than 2 wired zones you will have to get a 2GIG-TAKE-345. The 2GIG-TAKE-345 is a 2GIG wireless takeover module designed to convert 8 existing hardwired zones into eight wireless zones. The 2GIG hard-wired to wireless module also makes installation easier and will work with existing 12-volt control panels. The 2GIG module is to be mounted next to the existing control box where the hardwired zones are connected and will assign a wireless zone for each one of its 8 terminals filled back to the 2GIG control panel. If you currently don’t have an existing hard wired system and your home is pre-wired or you need more than one takeover module you will want to use the 2GIG-Take-KIT1 which will include an enclosure, power transformer, and power supply to allow the backup battery to remain charged in the event the power to your location goes out your hard wired sensors will transmit their signals back to the Go! Control wireless system.



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