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August 8, 2012

Napco SLe-GSM Wireless Universal Communicator!

Napco SLe-GSM Product Description:
The The Napco SLe-GSM communicator expands the capability of a dial-up alarm system by transmitting signals via cell tower. It is the cost-effective solution where there is cellular coverage but no analog telephone line to connect to the system. This communicator can be used for retrofits on existing systems, takeovers and new installations. The Napco StarLink SLE-GSM is an economical, full-data alarm communicator that universally works on any panel. With the StarLink GSM Radio, POTS or copper is never a concern again. The SLE-GSM provides universal full event reporting from any panel, using Contact ID or 4/2, reliably reporting, virtually anywhere to any Central Station (no special equipment). Signal-Boost circuitry ensures it works even in remote/fringe areas. 1-Step enrollment and programming built in is ready for most jobs.

Napco SLe-GSM Features:

  • Full alarm/event reporting
  • Supports systems using Contact ID and 4/2 formats
  • Sim card included
  • Connects to and monitors the phone line, so it can be used as a back alarm communicator
  • Automatic signal-strength indicator on power up for dependable installation
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Compatible with GeoArm’s nationwide central monitoring station

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