The New GE Simon XTi Wireless Alarm System!

GE Simon XTi Alarm Panel Product Description:
The The GE Simon XTi Alarm Panel offers 40 zones of burglary and fire protection. A built-in color LCD touchscreen display provides status notifications. When used with the Interlogix image sensor, powered by, users can view pictures on the device. With a Z-Wave based module, the Simon XTi can also control lighting, thermostats and door locks. Optional GSM reporting and features support off-premises smartphone or online control of the system allowing system arming, disarming and system status checks.

GE Simon XTi Product Features:

  • Arm perimeter (doors and windows) and interior (motion) sensors to indicate intruders
  • Use the emergency screen to send quick response alerts to the central monitoring station
  • Access the system from a key fob (similar to the one used for your car)
  • Access the system from a remote telephone
  • Disable sensors so you can leave a window open while the system is armed
  • Get an audio alert when a protected door is opened while the system is disarmed
  • Get an audio alert if movement of a protected asset is detected
  • Compatible with GeoArm’s nationwide central monitoring station

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