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July 11, 2012

The New GE Simon XTi Wireless Alarm System!

GE Simon XTi Alarm Panel Product Description:
The The GE Simon XTi Alarm Panel offers 40 zones of burglary and fire protection. A built-in color LCD touchscreen display provides status notifications. When used with the Interlogix image sensor, powered by, users can view pictures on the device. With a Z-Wave based module, the Simon XTi can also control lighting, thermostats and door locks. Optional GSM reporting and features support off-premises smartphone or online control of the system allowing system arming, disarming and system status checks.

GE Simon XTi Product Features:

  • Arm perimeter (doors and windows) and interior (motion) sensors to indicate intruders
  • Use the emergency screen to send quick response alerts to the central monitoring station
  • Access the system from a key fob (similar to the one used for your car)
  • Access the system from a remote telephone
  • Disable sensors so you can leave a window open while the system is armed
  • Get an audio alert when a protected door is opened while the system is disarmed
  • Get an audio alert if movement of a protected asset is detected
  • Compatible with GeoArm’s nationwide central monitoring station
  • Jack Taylor

    I like the NIGHTLOCK products to stop intruders.

  • tyler

    Wireless systems are great and very easy to install compared to wired systems. Wireless also allows for moving the system or components of it as needed.

  • ip alarm panel

    The security of our home or office is we can’t take for granted. That’s why we will by some technology that can keep us safe.

  • Ryan McBride

    For the price, why would someone choose this unit over a 2gig or Honeywell panel? I understand you can view pictures from the panel using the Interlogix image sensor, but why would anyone be using their main panel to do that? Not trying to be hater, just posing a question as I’m going to be adding some content to our website, and am not sure what kind of content I should add. Do you get a lot of traffic from little product overviews like this?

  • Carl Morris

    I just purchased this system, installed it and everything is working fine except for self monitoring…I have programmed it but can’t get the system to voice dial on any of the numbers 1-4. Are there any suggestions? Do you have to enable voice dialing somewhere in the system besides selecting it as a communication method?

    Thanks for the help

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