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June 8, 2012

Honeywell’s New LYNX Touch 5100 Wireless Alarm System with Z-Wave Technology!

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Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 Alarm System Product Description:
The LYNX Touch 5100 is part of Honeywell’s family of self-contained wireless controls. Honeywell’s LYNX Touch features a bright, full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easier operation, advanced alarm communications features and appealing home automation and control capabilities. Our Wi-Fi communications module offers the lowest cost alarm communications/remote services solution-saving installation time and reducing monthly operating costs. Whether used as back-up or primary, the advanced 4G radio finds the best signal (2G, 3G or 4G) in the area-improving longevity and maximizing installation opportunities. These advanced communications options give security dealers the flexibility they need to service all of their customers, whether they rely on mobile phones, VoIP or POTS lines. The Z-Wave connectivity module lets you integrate security, lighting, thermostats and more in one self-contained system providing complete local control at the panel. When combining LYNX Touch with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, users can control security, thermostats, lighting, locks and more using their smartphones or PC’s from anywhere in the world.

L5100 Integrated Z-Wave Features:

  • Up to Three Thermostats
  • Four Door Locks
  • 40 Devices (lights, switches and lamp modules)
  • 20 Scenes
  • 20 Rules (event based actions)
  • 20 Schedules (time based actions)

5100 Alarm Control Panel w/Z-Wave:

  • SnallaBolaget

    I can’t really see that it would be a good idea to install something like this yourself.
    Any electrical work MUST be done by certified professionals, and even if you do all the other installs yourself, the warranty would probably be void…
    Or am I wrong?

  • Blake

    Why not install it yourself? Would you hire someone to install a new wireless router at your house for a hefty hourly rate? The wireless systems draw less than 12v, which essentially means it can’t hurt you. As long as you do not have to do the programming, the installation is a breeze with your choice of double sided tape, velcro or small wall anchors & screws. These systems are DIY easy!

  • tyler

    Great looking system!

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