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June 28, 2012

GE Security Micro 4-Button Keyfob is Small!

GE 600-1064-95R Micro 4-Button Keyfob Product Description:
The GE 600-1064-95R Micro 4-Button Keyfob is a battery-powered, wireless device that fits on a keychain and is compatible with Simon, Concord, NetworX, Allegro panels, Learn Mode Repeaters, and QuikBridge Loop Receivers. It provides a convenient option for the following security operations:.

  • Arm the system (doors, windows, and motions sensors)
  • Arm the system with no entry delay (if programmed)
  • Disarm the system
  • Trigger panic alarms
  • Turn system-controlled lights on or off (if programmed)
  • Operate system-controlled garage doors (if programmed).
  • security companies Ireland

    Well, I must say not only this device is easy to carry but its functionality is also great. Its like we are using our car keys. Great innovation and creativity.

  • felicity

    wow, that’s amazing that all that can be accomplished with a fob.

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