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November 1, 2010

GeoArm Goes Above & Beyond with Great Customer Service!

At GeoArm, providing excellent DIY security solutions is only the beginning. We strive to make sure that every customer is fully satisfied with their system and alarm monitoring service. Below is a letter that one customer took the time to write us, after having experienced the level of customer service provided by both GeoArm, and one of our competitors.

To the staff at GeoArm:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the folks at GeoArm for helping me work through and correct a hardware issue that was ultimately not your problem.

Two months ago I purchased a mixed wired and wireless Vista 21IP system from Watchdog Superstore. I looked around online, made some local calls and found that their prices were the lowest for what I was looking for. Unfortunately for me I failed to recognize cheaper isn’t always better. After a month or so of correcting issues with the hardware purchase (an incompatible item, I was sold a less optimal device for my system and in one case given bad info and just made it work for me) I had tested the systsem enough to be sure I was ready to move on with monitoring.

I found GeoArm both through just searching for a monitoring company that worked with DIY installations and from a few folks in some online forums that had used your monitoring and were happy with the service. After signing up I was almost immediately contacted by your general manager to go over a few specifics and the next night I was working with one of your techs to get the panel programmed for IP/GSM monitoring. After the initial hiccup, we got the system registered and the technician finished the few details I missed and uploaded the final configuration to me, way past the time his shift was over on a Friday I’d like to add.

That night I plugged in my 5828V and was unable to get status from the system. It was late so I figured I’d fix it in the morning. The next morning I was woken by my phone, it was the central station calling me to alert me to a check condition on my system. It turned out that the 6160RF I used for the wireless receiver was no longer seeing any of the wireless sensors. After restarting the alarm system, they all came back up. The next morning the same thing happened. I also took some time to look at my 5828V and each time I tried to use it, one command would get to the system but subsequent ones were ignored and it turns out that using the wireless keypad would actually hang input to the panel so i could no longer do anything but restart it.

I called the GeoArm technician that i had been working with on Monday, explained what was going on and he agreed that the coincidence of just having programmed the panel and this problem was odd and started looking into it. After downloading a fresh copy of my configuration and going over it with Honeywell, they didn’t understand why it was happeneing. I then called Watchdog Superstore to see if they had seen anything like this. Immediately they pointed out that the system had been working fine until the programming was done and went on the defensive. They danced around my questions and I never got the feeling that they had any interest in helping me diagnose the problem. At one point they did offer to sell me a new 6160RF and send in the old one. Then if it did turn out to test bad they’d give me a credit on the second purchase. Unfortunately you can’t convey a person’s tone in a letter; let’s just say they didn’t give me the impression they cared or would have found a problem when they ‘tested’ the returned keypad. They then questioned why I was trusting a monitoring company that I found online of all things (forgetting how I found them apparently). At that point the call got heated and I hung up as they were not interested in helping me actually work through the problem, only deflect and be vague.

Then I gave the GeoArm technician another call, explained what the guys at Watchdog said and he wasn’t sure what could be programmed that would cause the system to stop recieving wireless. He asked for some more time and spoke with Honeywell again to give them my added info with no luck. During this the panel was losing the wireless sensors (sometimes all of them, sometimes a portion of them) roughly on 12 hour increments.

After that I tried turning off the low battery report field which GeoArm had turned on initially. For whatever reason, the RF check conditions stopped by the 5828V still would manage to hang the whole system. I then turned the low battery report back on and strangely the problem did not come back. Theat made me the most nervous as a problem that magically vanishes is never a good thing.

At this point I had spoken with a customer service representative about possibly having you do a warranty part swap for me. Since you hadn’t sold me the equipment, this was at your discretion. After speaking with Honeywell, you offered to get and send me a new 6160RF to swap with the one I had. I was unsure if that was the acse now since one problem had seemingly disappeared but decided to go with it.

After receiving the replacement 6160RF from you, I installed it and all the wireless sensors tested out fine with a go/no go. The big test was when I fired up the 5828V to which I was able to get status back from the panel, arm and disarm the system repeatedly with no issues.

I’m not sure exactly what happened, but without changing any other programming, swapping out a piece of hardware fixed my wireless keypad problem and I’m willing to bet the RF supervisory won’t come back either until I really do need to change my batteries.

So again let me thank you for helping me fix something that wasn’t yours to fix. I’m very happy I chose you for my monitoring.

Happy Customer, Virginia

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