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July 23, 2010

Honeywell Adds Total Connect Video Surveillance to AlarmNet Services

Honeywell’s AlarmNet division has added a new Video Surveillance option for their Total Connect alarm services. Providing both real time video surveillance along with video alerts of programmed events, Total Connect Video allows you to stay connected to every aspect of your business or home security situation. This video from Honeywell shows some of the newest video capabilities of the already award winning AlarmNet Total Connect servcies:

Total Connect video is accessible from your existing AlarmNet remote services login, or can be purchased as a Video Surveillance system independent of a Honeywell security system. The video services integrate seamlessly with Honeywell’s Total Connect app for iphone and other platforms to bring streaming video to you on the go!

Total Connect Video on iPhone

Total Connect Video on iPhone and Remote Keypad.

For only $15 per month, you can get Honeywell’s Total Connect Video service with remote services for up to 6 cameras. You can choose the standard IPCAM-WI Honeywell Total Connect Wireless IP Camera or the IPCAM-PT Honeywell Total Connect Wireless Pan & Tilt IP Camera. At $174.99 and $274.99 respectively, these wireless IP cameras provide a cost effective way to view live video and recorded events.

There is also an easy Honeywell Total Connect Video starter kit available that includes a Honeywell Wireless Access Point to facilitate wireless network compatibility and ease of installation. If you already have AlarmNet Total Connect, you can add the video services for only $10 more than your current rate. Check out GeoArm to sign up for the full range of Honeywell AlarmNet and Total Connect Video Services. for more information on Total Connect and the new Video services, go to


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