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July 22, 2010

Simple Home Security Ideas and Tips!

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Today we have a few home security tips for you. Often overlooked but simple home security fixes can sometimes mean the difference between a vulnerable and secure residence.

1. Remember the basics. Besides your alarm system and other security gadgets, security door locks, strong doorframes, and locked windows need to be the foundation of a well protected home. Even with a top notch alarm system and monitoring service, you can still be vulnerable to an old fashioned smash & grab break in. Strong barriers to entry (as well as well positioned security signs and decals) are always your first line of defense.

2. Lighting & Landscaping. Why would you want to provide potential criminals with cover? Now we know that everybody’s botanical tastes are different, and some prefer a more lush yard, but it is important to not provide areas on your property where a burglar could easily hide or feel safe. Keep trees and bushes trimmed when possible, and provide plenty of lighting! A criminal would aways prefer to approach a target with the cover of darkness than when exposed by outdoor lighting.

3. Environmental Protection. Maybe you have a good handle on the security of your home, but safety is about more than preventing a burglary. Don’t forget fire protection! Monitored smoke detectors can often bring an extra discount from your homeowner’s insurance provider. Other devices such as temperature sensors and flood detectors can help save you money and aggrivation by alerting you to potential problem areas. Carbon Monoxide detectors are valuable for personal safety, especially in areas that could have ventillation close to a grage or generator site.

4. Plan ahead. Before you are in an emergency, whether a home intrusion, burglary or fire, you should have though ahead about potential contingency plans. Know your evacuation routes and have fire extinguishers available to everyone in the household. Wireless panic buttons can provide additional protection. for both intrusion and life safety. Have a kit of emergency supplies that is well stocked and accessible.

5. Remember vulnrable areas. People often forget to protect their garages, and even leave their garage doors unlocked. There are often many valuable items stored in garages, power tools, car radios etc, besides the easy home access. A security safe can also be a great item to store important documents or valuables and jewelry.

We will be sure to update with more tips for you soon! In the meantime, for additional reading, check out these links:

Keep safe!

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