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July 16, 2010

City of Oakland, CA May Not Respond to Some Crimes?

Filed under: Alarm Monitoring,Crime Rates,Security Tips — Blake @ 2:24 pm

In an alarming statement, Oakland, CA police cheif Anthony Batts has announced that if the city continues with its plans to lay off as much as 10% of police officers, that the department may not be able to respond to a laundry list of crimes. Amongst many others, the list of potential crimes inludes:

  • grand theft
  • embezzlement
  • extortion
  • vandalism
  • and of course: burglary!

If the chief is correct in his assumption, residents of Oakland will have to report these crimes online at the departments webpage. Now, there has been no mention of whether the department will continue to respond to burglar alarm dispatches from central stations, but based on the city’s extensive permitting plan and false alarm fees, it seems that they will.

It seems imprudent for an officer, let along a chief to let everyone (including criminals) know that his police department will no longer respond to certain crimes. Having a permitted and monitored alarm system in Oakland may have just become a little more important.

  • Martin Security

    That’s pretty disturbing, to put it mildly.

    I can imagine whole tribes of crooks converging upon the Oakland area rubbing their hands with glee!

  • Cabling Erik

    Crazy! But believable. How are we paying 8 billion a month in the middle east when we can protect our citizens at home in our own country. Very disappointing. I am amazed how our priorities have shifted so much. Here in San Diego we are laying off teachers ….. so we can’t even educate ourselves. We need to make a huge shift in figuring out what is best for the American people!

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