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May 20, 2010

Lower Prices on AlarmNet Cellular and Internet Radios

GeoArm has reduced prices on the entire line of Honeywell AlarmNet cellular and internet alarm communicators. Enjoy the benefits of eliminating your phone line, or having your system communicate wirelessly with an AlarmNet radio that has been reduced in price by 20%-30%!

The 7847i internet communicator, 7845i-GSM internet & cellular communicator, and 7845GSMR cellular communicator are now available from between $157.99 and $238.99. These radios can be added to the Honeywell Vista series of alarm control panels to provide alternative central station monitoring service, and are also capable of providing Total Connect remote services. The 7847i-L, GSMVLP, and GSML have the same functionality, but are built specifically for installation with the Honeywell LYNX wireless security system. These radios actually fit inside the LYNX Plus and LYNXR2 all-in-one control panels.

AlarmNet monitoring service for these security system communicators is available from GeoArm at excellent rates. AlarmNet internet service starts at just $12, and cellular service is just $20 per month. Total Connect interactive services are an additional $5 per month.

  • Maine Security Systems

    As the owner of a small security company and a user of Honeywell Panels and devices I thank for for showing me how I can get cellular dialers for less money and what I can recommend to my customers who like to do things themselves. Thanks!

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