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May 12, 2010

Apartments easy to protect with Wireless Alarm Systems

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Many home security companies are averse to installing or monitoring security systems for a renter or tenant in an apartment. Wireless security systems by GeoArm Security and other primarily DIY alarm companies are making it easier for apartment dwellers to get the same kind of advanced security that condo owners and homeowners enjoy. An apartment security system can easily be installed by a tenant, and the wireless system can even be easily moved if the renter changes apartments. In many instances, apartment settings have higher burglary & crime rates, as criminals know that these properties are oftem left without traditional home security options.

Apartment buildings can give you a sense of saftey in numbers, but in reality you should be more vigilant of your home security situation. Read these security tips for apartments and condos and remember, always lock your balcoy doors, even if you dont see how a criminal could reach your balcony. If you want an easy solution for your apartment, check out GeoArm’s wireless security system kits. These security systems can be easily installed in an apartment setting and you can even choose options that do not require a phone line. If your lease is up and you are moving, no big deal, simply move your wireless security system with you!

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  • Steve’s Lock

    It amazes me how often a renter forgoes additional security just because they live in an apartment complex. In reality its much easier to be broken into because there are many people coming and going throughout all hours of the day.

    Good info, especially on locking your balcony!

  • Deadbolt Lock

    Most modern apartment complexes already have high-tech security systems. But of course, you need to make sure that your own unit is also equipped with one. You never know.

  • Amy

    Most modern apartment complexes already have high-tech security systems. But of course, you need to make sure that your own unit is also equipped with one. You never know.

  • California Security

    I am a renter and am looking into some security for our apartment. I think this is the way to go because our vehicles just got broken into last week. Maybe this will make us feel safer.

  • dvr security system

    I totally agree with wireless systems being suited for more localised rooms and homes. For larger homes I think a more complex security system which could utilize wireless maybe fine for some

  • Mark

    Renters and condo owners should be aware of the security systems in their complexes. Also check with the landlords to see if you can install any alarm systems on your own. Hence the benefit of wireless systems.

  • knightpro

    It feels good knowing there’s this kind of security camera monitoring invented for the apartment dwellers, it adds safety, security and assurance. Hope that apartment owners would install such for their renters.

  • Motion Detector Security

    It’s quite different to protect all house in an apartment instead of each home.Now apartments can have extra security to safeguard all their friends by this alarm system.Motion detectors can also be used to secure their homes.

  • burglar alarms systems

    Danger occurs anytime, anywhere and without sufficient evidence, it pretty much difficult to act. The same goes with homes and business establishments and this is why alarms systems and CCTVs are installed as added protective measures. You just have to be careful and follow the instructions carefully so that your system will function properly.

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