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April 15, 2010

Videofied Market Reach is Expanding

Filed under: Professional,Video Verification,Videofied Kits — Blake @ 3:41 pm

RSI Videofied is bringing its signature video alarm monitoring to additional central stations including CMS and Mace CSSS. There is increasing demand for the video verification of alarms which videofied provides, ensuring quicker police response, and eliminating false alarms. According to Keith Jentoft, president of RSI, the New York City Police have indicated that they will assign higher priority for alarm response to those that are video verified. Additionally, Westchester, N.Y. is beginning a policy of making faster response to video verified alarms standard practice. According to Videofied, municipalities across the country, including some in California are also making changes.

Videofied’s wireless capability, ease of install, and competitive pricing make it a perfect solution for a variety of situations that should demand video alarm verification. With the technologies available today, video alarm service is both possible and cost effective in a variety of situations that years ago would have been impossible. The Videofied XL Security System can provide video alarm coverage for a moderate market entry price, and still delivers world class results. Central Stations across the country are scrambling to add a variety of additional video services as demand picks up, but none, in our opinion, match the benefits, and functionality of Videofied.

In fact, similar to our Videofied experience, CMS president Tony Wilson said, “The first system we put in—the first night—we actually got a capture out of it.” Visit GeoArm for more information on Videofied.


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