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April 30, 2010

See Videofied in Action

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This is an actual video clip captured by a Videofied system and transmitted to GeoArm’s central station. This individual was in the process of burglarizing a construction site north of Tampa, FL.

When your security system leads to the capture of potential criminals (especially when they have been previously burglarized) it leads to some seriously happy Videofied customers! When the central station operator can see what causes the alarm, not only do you eliminate most false alarms, you also get priority dispatch from the police. Police departments know that most alarm systems are blind, and there is a strong chance that they will be responding to a false alarm. When an operator calls and can say that they visually see a crime, police respond much faster, as a robbery in progress. This also eliminates the need for verification calls which take valuable time. Only Videofied wireless video alarm systems make this possible.

  • Home Secure Information

    This video shows the importance of security products. We should protect ourself by using the security products like this videofied system. The home security Product line up in the market is huge, with enormous innovative technology . We should use a perfect security system.

  • Mark

    There is a lot of construction site crime going on with all of these copper thieves. Any protection is better than no protection.

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