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April 9, 2010

GE TX-8010-01-1 Wireless Garage Door Sensor

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GE Security’s TX-8010-01-1 wireless garage door sensor allows you to equip your garage door with a security system sensor without the difficult installation of traditional contact. The TX-8010-01-1 enables you to easily monitor the the opening of your garage door. Once the garage door opens to 35 degrees, the sensor will go into alarm condition, wirelessly sending a signal back to your alarm control panel. Under normal operation, the TX-8010-01-1, will trip and restore each time your garage door opens and closes. It is also equipped with a built in 1 second delay to prevent a false alarm in case of vibrations due to wind or other factors.

GE TX-8010-01-1 Wireless Garage Door Sensor

GE TX-8010-01-1 Wireless Garage Door Sensor

Available for only $52.99, the TX-8010-01-1 wireless garage door contact provides an easy and cost effective way to secure your garage. It also comes equipped with GE’s limited 2 year warranty when purchased from The compact size, and wireless functionality allows the TX-8010-01-1 to be easily mounted on the inside panel of any garage door. GE reccomends the sensor to be mounted on the top panel of your garage door. We also caution users that the reccomended temperature range, from 0-120 degrees farenheit, not be exceeded, as often garages are not as climate controlled as the rest of a house.

Equipped with a 5-year rated lithium battery, and a cover tamper, the TX-8010-01-1 is a quality wireless security component from GE. It is the perfect addition to a Simon XT wireless security system in order to protect your garage door. Order the TX-8010-01-1 today to protect your garage with an easy to install GE wireless sensor!


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