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April 2, 2010 adds EZinstall feature for remote video monitoring

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GeoArm is pleased to announce that our service has added an EZinstall feature for the remote video surveillance monitoring service.

The new EZinstall feature from Simplifies the video camera installation process by eliminating the need for technicians to perform network configuration. It also extends the availability of Video to a broader segment of consumers by enabling camera setup on Apple/Mac computers.

“The EZinstall feature eliminates the challenges commonly associated with IP video camera installation, making it easier than ever for dealers to offer the service to interested customers…” said Bob McCarthy, Director of Product Management. “We’re also very excited to make it possible for Mac-only households to have a hassle-free camera set-up experience.” Video – with remote monitoring features now available via the website and its iPhone and BlackBerry apps – delivers functionality beyond that of traditional remote video monitoring solutions.

  • Video does not require a local storage device (no DVR or PC required) at the monitored property. All video is stored securely offsite in the Operations Center.
  • Supports multiple IP camera models, including indoor IP cameras (WiFi-enabled with fixed lens and pan-tilt options) and outdoor IP cameras with a power over Ethernet option.
  • The video server enables analog (CCTV) security cameras to be used with Video, making any traditional security camera
  • Camera supervision allows dealers and/or end-users to be notified if cameras are ever disabled.
  • Multiple properties can be monitored from a single Video account, and important video clips can be protected so they are not overwritten in the normal First-In First-Out recording process.

GeoArm is pleased to provide the video surveillance alarm monitoring service to our customers for the low price of only $17 per month for up to 4 Cameras.


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