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April 30, 2010

See Videofied in Action

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This is an actual video clip captured by a Videofied system and transmitted to GeoArm’s central station. This individual was in the process of burglarizing a construction site north of Tampa, FL.

When your security system leads to the capture of potential criminals (especially when they have been previously burglarized) it leads to some seriously happy Videofied customers! When the central station operator can see what causes the alarm, not only do you eliminate most false alarms, you also get priority dispatch from the police. Police departments know that most alarm systems are blind, and there is a strong chance that they will be responding to a false alarm. When an operator calls and can say that they visually see a crime, police respond much faster, as a robbery in progress. This also eliminates the need for verification calls which take valuable time. Only Videofied wireless video alarm systems make this possible.


New Total Connect iPhone App Replaces MyKeypad

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Honeywell AlarmNet has released a new application for Total Connect allowing users more control of their security system from their iPhone or iPod Touch. There is a new application that provides video services as well as additional interactive functions, called “TotalConnect” instead of “MyKeypad”. This application is available for free download via the App Store or iTunes.

If you were previously using “MyKeypad” to access your TotalConnect services, simply install the new “Total Connect” application, activate it using the eight digit activation code, already entered on their Configure Mobile Page. After it is activated, you can delete the other “MyKeypad” application.

Previously, we understood that the MyKeypad application would be upgraded, but Honeywell engineering has decided to create a new appl from scratch. Check out the screeshots for the new Total Connect app:

Total Connect iPhone App for AlarmNet

New Total Connect iPhone App for AlarmNet

The new Total Connect app also provides support for Honeywell’s new video surveillance product that we will be releasing shortly! You can get AlarmNet Total Connect monitoring service starting at only $17 at GeoArm. If you need a new security system, the LYNX Plus is fully compatible with all of the Total Connect services.


April 29, 2010

DSC Alexor Alarm System Installation Video

Filed under: DSC Kits,Security Systems — Blake @ 3:53 pm

Learn how to install the Alexor wireless alarm system with this DSC installation video. More user videos for Alexor, Simon, LYNX and more are comming soon to GeoArm’s YouTube channel.

Visit GeoArm for more information on Alexor, or to purchase a new DSC Alexor wireless security system.


April 20, 2010

GE Simon XT User Video

Filed under: GE Interlogix Kits,Security Systems — Blake @ 3:19 pm

Check out the GE Simon XT wireless security system user video we posted on YouTube. The user video includes basic instructions for the Simon XT user on how to arm and disarm the panel, turn chime mode on and off, use the wireless keyfob and more!

The GE Simon XT offers easy one touch arming features, and a convenient and easy user interface. GeoArm offers great deals on the GE Simon XT wireless security system, and offers free programming & shipping with all security system kits!


Uplink Cellular Alarm Monitoring Service

Filed under: Alarm Monitoring,Cellular,Professional — Blake @ 10:48 am

GeoArm Security is now offering Uplink cellular alarm monitoring service from just $20 per month. Since 1996, Uplink, a division of Numerex, has been providing wireless alarm communication services. Using the GSM network, Uplink cellular alarm communicators carry your alarm signals wirelessly to the Network Operations Center, and then passed on to GeoArm’s central alarm monitoring station. You can continue to use your existin alarm system, and Uplink cellular device and simply transfer to GeoArm monitoring service to begin saving money today!

Uplink Cellular Alarm Monitoring

GeoArm now offers Uplink cellular alarm monitoring service

Uplink alarm monitoring from GeoArm is compatible with any of Uplink’s digital cellular communicators:

  • Uplink 2530
  • Uplink 2550
  • Uplink AnyNet
  • Stealth GSM 1650
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