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February 23, 2010

Alarm Monitoring Helps Save on Homeowners Insurance

Filed under: Alarm Monitoring,Security Savings,Security Tips — Blake @ 3:18 pm

Signing up for alarm monitoring service from GeoArm can actually be a money saving opportunity! Most homeowners insurance providers acknowledge that having a professionally monitored security system improves the safety of your home by giving discounts. A monitored alarm system can actually save you over 20% on your homeowners insurance premiums, depending upon your provider. Some providers actually require a monitored security system for certain properties.

State Farm Insurance lists some ways for you to save on your insurance premiums, including monitored burglar/fire alarm systems. They may even give you discounts for smoke detectors and other home safety improvements. Why pass up an opportunity to improve your safety and security and save money at the same time? Geico’s Homeowners Insurance also lists similar protection measures that can save you on your premiums.

Make sure to ask your homeowners insurance agent about the discount you could recieved for a monitored alarm system. With GeoArm, you can request a Certificate of Burglar Alarm and we will notify your insurance company if you have a security system monitored by our central station. Get protected today and save while you are at it!


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