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December 18, 2009

GeoArm offers FREE Security System Programming!

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With Every new Wireless Security System Kit sold, GeoArm provides free customized programming. For anybody who has purchased a Do-it-Yourself Security System, you know that programming the system can be quite time consuming. With the expertise of trained and experienced alarm technicians, GeoArm has removed one of the more frustrating aspects of purchasing a DIY Home Security System. Simply customize your system online, and then let the technicians do the security system programming for you, absolutely free! No matter how many sensors and devices you add to the kit, GeoArm will program all of them.

For additional resources about programming your alarm system, check out GeoArm’s security system manuals section. You can access hundreds of security and alarm system manuals free of charge for assitance in programming and installation. If you can’t find the manual you are looking for, GeoArm is always looking to update their database, so be sure to speak up!


Video Killed the Blind PIR

Check out Videofied’s new “music video” featuring thier Motion Viewer, whcih combines a motion detector and video camera.

We have seen success amongst our own Videofied customers in apprehending criminals and preventing theft. Police do truely “prioritize a video alarm” and “come faster in their car!” And the beauty of the videofied system is, being completely wireless, with no A/C power required, and a cellular connection for transmitting videoes, you can really put it anywhere. Check us out on GeoArm for more info about Videofied and Video Verification.


December 17, 2009 Interactive Video Surveillance Service FAQs

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Read on down below for FAQ’s and other great info on’s Interactive Video Suveillance Service. Video FAQ’s

1. What are the core video features?

  • View live video through web, PDA and cell phone
  • Motion-triggered recording and notifications
  • Alarm-triggered recording and notifications
  • Recordings can be attached to email/mms notifications for immediate review on computers and compatible PDAs and cell phones.
  • Recorded clips can be played back through the web, and on the PDA site through compatible PDA’s and cell phones.
  • Connects to customer Local Area Network through Ethernet or 802.11

2. Does the video feature work with all types of panels and gateway modules?
Video is compatible with Simon 3, Simon XT, Concord and NetworX accounts. An interactive service plan is required.*
*Note: GeoArm and now also offer the Video Surveillance Service in a standalone option, which does not require the presence or interactivity of a security system.
3. Will the video feature work with any IP camera or webcam?
No, only cameras and video servers are supported. Compatible models include the ADC-V510 wireless network camera, ADC-V610PT Pan/Tilt wireless network camera, ADC-V700X day/night outdoor network camera and ADC-VS1 single-camera video server.
4. What kinds of cell phones support Live Video?
Any web-enabled cell phone with an HTML browser can view real-time live images on the PDA site. Streaming video is also available for phones that support JavaScript. Video-enabled cell phones can also view recorded clips and recieve video-clip email attachments of new video events if their service provider allows video emails. Note that the data charges by the cellular carrier can be significant for using video features on cell phones.
5. Which web browsers can be used to see video?
Cameras can be installed and operated using Windows Internet Explorer. Cameras can be operated but not installed on Firefox (Windows and Macintosh) and Safari (Macintosh) browsers.
6. Do I need to install any software on my PC to see the video?
An ActiveX control is required on Internet Explorer and a Java Applet is required on Firefox and Safari to view live video and manage cameras. (Users are automatically prompted to accept the necessary downloads.) A Flash plug-in is required on all browsers to view recorded video clips. No plug-ins or applications are needed for the PDA site.
7. How is my privacy ensured?
The account owner can see all cameras associated with the account, and additional logins created for the account can be assigned permission to see the cameras as required. The cameras employ password protection to prevent access from outside the website, with the cameras employing advanced MD5-based “digest authentication” for user authentication.
8. How much video can I record?
A standard account provides 50 MB of online storage (shared by all cameras), which is enough for up to 90 minutes of recording depending on the recording resolution and quality settings of each camera. Extra video storage (up to 500 MB total) is available as an add-on.
9. How long is each recording?
Motion triggered recordings can be configured for 15 second, 25 second or 35 second duration, each of which includes ~5 seconds of pre-trigger recording. Each alarm triggered recording is 35 to 55 seconds long depending on record quality settings.
10. What happens when my video storage is full?
After the storage is full, the system will delete the oldest recordings as required to make room for the newest recordings.
11. What if I want to save a recorded clip?
A user can save any particular clip by downloading it to their PC and/or marking it “Protected” on their account to prevent it from being automatically deleted when the storage limit is met.
12. How many days will my recorded clips last before they are over-written?
This depends on the recording frequency and video quality settings and can range from a few hours to a few weeks. Careful camera placement and Video Motion Detection configuration will reduce unwanted recordings and thereby optimize use of online storage capacity.
13. What is the resolution of the video?
The ADC-V510, ADC-V610PT and ADC-V700X support 640×480, 320×240 or 176×144 resolution for Live viewing and Recording on a camera-by-camera basis. The ADC-VS1 video server offers 704×480, 352×240 and 176×120 options.

For an overview of the service, check out this Video Tour. For additional information, or to purchase the cameras or service, visiting GeoArm’s section on Video Surveillance Service.


December 15, 2009

New DSC Alexor Wireless Security System

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DSC’s new Alexor Wireless Security System has arrived. The new design separates the Alexor Control Panel from the Keypad, allowing the user to mount them in separate locations. Mounting a keypad near the access door and the control panel in a closet, bedroom, or more remote area prevents a potential intruder from destroying the Control Panel upon breaking in so that it can not send a signal to the Alarm Monitoring Central Station. This helps address a potential security risk of all-in-one wireless alarm systems. Check out the new DSC Alexor DIY Wireless Security System Kit at GeoArm for more product information.


December 11, 2009 Outdoor Day/Night Camera Now Available

Filed under:,,GE Interlogix Kits,Video Surveillance — Blake @ 4:48 pm’s rugged new Outdoor Day/Night IP camera (ADC-V700X) makes it easy for GeoArm’s Video customers to view and record important activity outside their homes or businesses, day and night.

ADC-V700X Key Features:
– The camera is weatherproof and can operate from +4 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit
Night Vision – 12 Integrated Infa-Red (IR) LEDs allow the camera to see up to 30 feet in total darkness
Easy Installation – Supports Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) configuration for simplified installation using a single cable for both video and power (requires PoE power injector, sold separately)'s Outdoor Day/Night Video Surveillance Camera ADC-V700X\’s Outdoor Day/Night Video Surveillance Camera ADC-V700X

The Outdoor Camera is ideal for monitoring any outdoor areas on the perimiter of a property such as a driveway, yard, patio, porch, doorways, swimming pool or shed. The ADC-V700X fully supports the Video Surveillance technology, which includes live web based video monitoring as well as event triggered video clip recording and alerts. The camera is also fully integrated with the Interactive alarm monitoring service from GeoArm, allowing you to integrate the management of your sercurity system with your video surveillance services. You can combine the outdoor camera with’s Indoor Standard, and Pan/Tilt cameras to provide for full video surveillance of any property. Ther service is available for the same $17 rate at which GeoArm initially introduced Video surveillance monitoring. For more information on the camera and the Video Monitoring Service, be sure to visit GeoArm’s Outdoor Video Surveillance Solution.

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