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August 13, 2009

Videofied Wireless Security System Delivers Apprehensions

With Videofied, real time Video Verification means that a trained operator is watching video of your location as soon as the motion sensors are tripped. Check out this story from Portland:

One of our clients had a similar experience once he bought the Videofied system from GeoArm.

I am Brian Bishop with Ervin Bishop Construction; we are general contractors out of Tampa, Florida. As everyone in the construction field knows there is a serious problem with theft and vandalism on jobsites. Over a three-month span we had been robbed three times for over thirty thousand dollars in tools, material and damage. Initially, we had thought that connex boxes with internal cam locks would provide a safe place for our tools but we soon found out that it was clearly not enough protection. The thieves hot wired one of our rough terrain telescopic forklifts and used the forks to ram through five connex boxes and pry the doors open. They wiped us out of twenty thousand dollars in tools and equipment. Not to mention, all of the hours that were lost replacing and dealing with the insurance claim.
I felt helpless after the robbery. I knew the only way to stop them was to have real time security and the only method that I knew at the time was a security guard. For this particular job a security guard would have been a huge investment. Ideally I wanted a product that I could take from job to job that had live monitoring and was user friendly. I searched many hours for the most cost effective way to provide real time security to my job site and I finally came across RSI Videofied through GeoArm. Videofied seemed to have all of the answers to my concerns, so I went ahead and ordered it. Installation was easy and the GeoArm staff answered all of my questions over the phone. Within a month after installing the system with the outdoor cameras caught a thief in that act. The staff at GeoArm did an excellent job in identifying the thief and dispatching the Pasco County Sheriffs Department. I am completely satisfied with the Videofied system and the service from GeoArm.

Brian Bishop
Ervin Bishop Construction

And the best news is, this system is completely wireless and mobile. Get protected today with Videofied Verification from GeoArm.


August 11, 2009

Avoid door to door high pressure salesmen

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Across the country, the same story plays out time and time again. A high pressure alarm system salesperson going door to door offers a frightened customer a deal that is too good to be true. Sometimes its a free system in exchange for displaying a yard sign, others its just a special deal or time sensitive offer.

Local authorities concerned citizens are trying to warn potential alarm consumers about the scams. Usually, these offers are also accompanied by a high priced and lengthly monitoring contract for the alarm monitoring service. Sometimes these salespeople are even freelance independent contractors for brand name security companies.

Most reputable alarm system dealers do not agree with the door to door sales model, even when it is done without the deceptive tactics and terrible deals of the most unethical salespeople. The alarm dealer poll from Security System News reinforces the need for greater scrutiny and control of dealers who practice high pressure door to door sales tactics.

If you have been decieved into signing up with a door to door salesperson, know your rights! There are laws in every state that permit a customer who has signed a contract with a door to door salesperson to cancel the contract within three days. If you have fallen victim to this kind of sales tactic by a security system company, make sure you cancel the contract right away.

Make sure that any alarm system salesperson is licensed and from a reputable company. We also advise to never buy a system or sign a contract with a person who has just come to your home for the first time. And of course, shop around! GeoArm offers alarm monitoring services from our state of the art UL central station for as low as $10 per month. Get protected, and know what to look out for!


August 3, 2009

GeoArm offers Video Monitoring

You can get Video Monitoring service now from GeoArm for as low as $17 per month! Launches Video Monitoring Solution Enabling Consumers To Monitor Their Homes and Small Businesses From Mobile Device

Homeowners and small business owners do not need to have traditional security system to benefit from Video; new solution can also be integrated with consumer’s existing security panel

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 1, 2009 –, the leading provider of wireless and web-enabled monitoring technology, today announce an affordable, user-friendly video monitoring solution that enables consumers to remotely monitor their homes and small businesses via mobile device (cell phone, PDA, PC) – even if they do not have a security system installed in their property.

The new Video “standalone” video monitoring solution, which builds upon’s security system-integrated video solution released last fall, offers consumers unparalleled visibility into what’s happening at their property, wherever they are. Users can remotely log in from a computer, PDA or cell phone to view live video or recorded clips of activity at their property, and receive video clip alerts when new video footage is recorded. Importantly, Video can benefit consumers who do not own traditional home security systems, or homeowners and small business owners who want to integrate Video with their existing security panel to receive alarm-triggered video clip recordings. Videos’ extensive feature set and customizable recording capabilities make it an excellent solution for traditional security monitoring applications, like capturing footage of a break-in. Its flexibility and ease of implementation also make it attractive for monitoring everyday non-emergency activity. For example, homeowners can receive video clips when the kids get home from school; check in on a pet; monitor a driveway or swimming pool; or monitor a second home or vacation property. Small business owners can access a video log to see if employees opened and closed the store on time, track unauthorized access to protected areas of the business and keep an eye on things when they’re away.

“Consumer options for viewing and recording activity that occurs in and around their homes and businesses have historically been limited to expensive, local storage solutions that require sifting through hours of video footage,” said Steve Trundle, CEO of “ Video is the first affordable solution that brings full-featured remote video monitoring to a consumer’s mobile device – delivering true ‘property awareness’ to customers.”

Unlike other video monitoring services, Video does not requite a local storage device, such as a DVR, at the monitored property – all video is stored securely offsite in the Operations Center.’s standalone video solution requires only power, broadband Internet service and at least one camera at the monitored property. Supported video equipment includes several IP camera models as well as’s IP video server, which enables analog (CCTV) security cameras to be used with the Video service. Video offers the following key benefits for consumers:

• Access live and recorded video clips via the web and from any iPhone, BlackBerry, or other supported mobile device
• View live video from one or more cameras simultaneously and remotely adjust pan-tilt cameras
• Receive alerts with optional video clip attachments whenever new video is recorded
• Customize recording settings based on security events, video motion detection, and time of day
• Record and store up to 1000 MB of video securely on’s remote servers (no local DVR or PC required)
• Cameras include built-in 802.11/WiFi connectivity

“With crime levels up across the country, consumers are seeking affordable, easy-to-use technologies that allow them to more effectively monitor residential and commercial properties,” added Bob McCarthy,’s Director of Product Management. “By delivering video clips and notifications via email or text message, and offering an easy-to-use web interface for controlling the types of events that trigger automatic recording and alerts, Video appeals to the mobile lifestyle of today’s consumer.” Video is available through authorized Security Dealers in the United States and Canada. For more information, please visit

About Incorporated provides wireless and web-enabled security and activity monitoring technology to residential and commercial customers throughout the United States and Canada.’s Operations Center processes over 25 Million security events every month, reported by systems that are used to monitor and protect houses, vacation properties, apartments, professional offices, restaurants, retail chains, model homes, boats, trailers, data centers, and more. security systems are offered through a network of over 800 licensed Security Dealers. technology is compatible with GE Security equipment and has been tested by ETL to comply with UL 985, UL 1023, and UL 1635 (ULC S545 and ULC 1023 in Canada) for residential security installations. The company is headquartered in McLean, VA, a subrb of Washington, DC.

GeoArm is offering Interactive Video Surveillance service, or Standalone Video Surveillance Service with Standard or Pan/Tilt Cameras.


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