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July 12, 2009

Wireless Alarm System Sales to Increase Three Fold

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In the next five years approximately 5 million new wireless alarm systems will be sold in the United States, according to ABI Research forecasts. The advances in wireless technology and the price for wireless burglar alarm systems have changed the theory that all burglar alarms should be hardwired. Now you can buy a completely wireless alarm system from GeoArm and have the flexibility to move your system in the event you change locations, or add new devices to your system easily. Regardless of the manufacturer (Honeywell, Videofied, DSC, or GE) you choose, these wireless systems are just as reliable as hardwired alarms. An investment in this newer wireless RFID technology can keep you secure for years while reducing the installation and maintenance costs associated with your security system.

Every device in a wireless burglar alarm system is completely free of wires. These wireless devices include control panels, keypads, keyfobs, motion detectors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, flood detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, glass break detectors, and even video motion cameras. While an individual hardwired alarm device is less expensive than wireless equipment, the true cost is much higher. With wireless, you can eliminate the expensive installation needed to run the wires from a hardwired system’s peripheral devices to its control panel. With GeoArm, it’s easy for you to install your wireless system yourself. Furthermore, GeoArm’s remote service saves you time and money when there is a problem with your alarm system.

With new alarm reporting options such as internet and cellular, you no longer need a phone line for your burglar alarm system to work. This eliminates the possibility of a savvy criminal tampering with your phone line, and can provide substantial savings. GeoArm’s UL listed monitoring center provides its services at a discount rate that yields further long-term savings on your security system investment. At GeoArm you can have your system monitored for as low as $10/month which is a fraction of the price of other monitoring companies. Investing in a new wireless GeoArm home security system is a wise move for both your security needs, and your pocketbook.

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