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July 28, 2009

GeoArm Slashes Prices on all Sentry Safes!

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GeoArm drastically reduced the prices on its Sentry Safes. The new reduced price also includes free shipping. For Sentry Safes under 100 lbs. the safe will be delivered by UPS. For safes over 100 lbs. free “inside placement” shipping is included. With “inside placement” a Sentry LTL carrier will unload your safe and deliver the safe inside your home or office. Additionally, for all safes over 100 lbs. you have the option to add “white glove service” to your item for an additional $120. With this service, a Sentry full service carrier will move your safe from trailer to ground by liftgate, move the safe inside to a room of your choice, and unpack and locate your safe. Service includes up to two flights of stairs, 10 steps each flight. With such easy delivery and blowout prices securing your most valuable belongings with a Sentry Safe from GeoArm has never been easier!


July 24, 2009

Important Security Risk of All-in-One Wireless Security Systems

An all-in-one (AIO) integrated wireless security system is a great way to inexpensively and easily protect and secure your home or business. With AIO systems, there are no holes to be drilled, no wires to be run, and no time consuming installations by alarm technicians. The systems have a control panel, keypad, siren, and back up battery built into one aesthetic container.

Here at GeoArm we believe in these systems and have built a business around selling them. Wireless alarm technology has come a long way and these systems are just as reliable as an old fashioned hardwired alarm system. Not only is it easier to troubleshoot a problem sensor, but also you can easily move your system with you if you ever move locations. The one concern with these systems is that the manufacturer’s of these systems market them to be installed right at the front door of your location to easily arm and disarm when you enter and leave. Our years of installing hardwired alarms prior to the introduction of these AIO systems, gave us the knowledge we needed to see the flaw in this type of installation.

If a criminal breaks in through your front door and hears a beeping “keypad” right next to the door, they very easily could rip the panel off the wall, cut the wire, or smash the device. All of these instances would leave your location vulnerable as the panel has been defeated before it could send out the alarm signal to the central alarm monitoring station. For true security we always recommend installing the AIO device in a secure location such as a closet, laundry room, or basement so that a criminal will not easily or quickly find the device. Of course if you install the device in a remote location like that, you need a way to easily arm and disarm your system. Therefore, we recommend installing a remote full system status keypad at your main entrance doors.

Both the Honeywell LYNXR-2 and GE Simon XT offer such keypads while the DSC PowerSeries 9047 does not. The reason a full system status keypad is needed and not just a keyfob is because you want to know that there are no faulty (open) zones on the system when you attempt to arm it. With the LYNXR-2 and Simon XT keypads it would alert you that your contact on your back door is not ready to be armed so that you could secure the zone before you leave. Unfortunately with the DSC PowerSeries 9047 if you armed the system using the wall plate it would just bypass the faulty zone and your location would not be secure. DSC does have plans to release a new wireless system that addresses this issue and GeoArm will offer it as soon as it is available. In the meantime, we strongly urge a new customer to add a 5828 or 5828V to a LYNXR-2 panel and a 60-924-3-XT to a Simon XT panel while silencing the panel and tucking it away in a secure location.

With this type of installation, an AIO wireless security system is just as secure as any old fashioned hardwired security system while being much easier to install and troubleshoot in the event of a problem. Go wireless and stay secure with GeoArm!


July 18, 2009

GeoArm Now Offering Alarm Monitoring In 49 States

We are proud to announce that we are now licensed for central station alarm monitoring in all states except for Hawaii. This marks a vast increase in our service reach, from 34 to 49 states. We are excited to open up New York, California, and Texas, three of the most populous states to GeoArm’s alarm monitoring services . We hope to add service in Hawaii in the near future.

GeoArm Alarm Monitoring Licensing by State

GeoArm Alarm Monitoring Licensing by State

GeoArm offers alarm monitoring for as low as $10 month for both residential and commercial properties. Our UL certified central station staffed 24/7 by certified professional dispatchers gives you the confidence that in the event of an emergency, response is on the way. We also offer a host of alternative communication options for those customers that do not have a traditional phone line. Available cellular service through AlarmNet,, and Connect 24 gives us the ability to sign up any customer no matter what equipment they have on their system. Stop paying outrageous monthly fees for your alarm system monitoring and enjoy the peace of mind that GeoArm provides.


July 12, 2009

Wireless Alarm System Sales to Increase Three Fold

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In the next five years approximately 5 million new wireless alarm systems will be sold in the United States, according to ABI Research forecasts. The advances in wireless technology and the price for wireless burglar alarm systems have changed the theory that all burglar alarms should be hardwired. Now you can buy a completely wireless alarm system from GeoArm and have the flexibility to move your system in the event you change locations, or add new devices to your system easily. Regardless of the manufacturer (Honeywell, Videofied, DSC, or GE) you choose, these wireless systems are just as reliable as hardwired alarms. An investment in this newer wireless RFID technology can keep you secure for years while reducing the installation and maintenance costs associated with your security system.

Every device in a wireless burglar alarm system is completely free of wires. These wireless devices include control panels, keypads, keyfobs, motion detectors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, flood detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, glass break detectors, and even video motion cameras. While an individual hardwired alarm device is less expensive than wireless equipment, the true cost is much higher. With wireless, you can eliminate the expensive installation needed to run the wires from a hardwired system’s peripheral devices to its control panel. With GeoArm, it’s easy for you to install your wireless system yourself. Furthermore, GeoArm’s remote service saves you time and money when there is a problem with your alarm system.

With new alarm reporting options such as internet and cellular, you no longer need a phone line for your burglar alarm system to work. This eliminates the possibility of a savvy criminal tampering with your phone line, and can provide substantial savings. GeoArm’s UL listed monitoring center provides its services at a discount rate that yields further long-term savings on your security system investment. At GeoArm you can have your system monitored for as low as $10/month which is a fraction of the price of other monitoring companies. Investing in a new wireless GeoArm home security system is a wise move for both your security needs, and your pocketbook.


July 7, 2009

Don’t be one of the 2 Million.

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According to the FBI’s crime statistics and trends, well over 2 million American homes and businesses will be burglarized this year. That’s more than one burglary every 15 seconds! Sadly enough, the bad news is that crime tends to accelerate during times of economic struggle. Don’t wait until you are the victim, be proactive and protect yourself now. With a GeoArm wireless security system, it’s both easy and affordable. Or if you already have a burglar alarm system, transfer your monitoring to GeoArm today and start saving with our discount monitoring rates. And don’t forget, you could really be saving a lot more… up to 20% on your homeowners insurance with a monitored alarm system from GeoArm.

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