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June 20, 2009

Alarm Call Verification Trend Emerging Nationwide

Many states have begun taking unique steps to try and reduce the number of false alarms that police and/or fire departments are dispatched to. In an attempt to limit these “false dispatches” states such as Florida, Delaware, Tennessee, Virginia, and Texas (allowable but not yet required) are the first to adopt enhanced call verification procedures for alarm systems in an attempt to save time and money for emergencies that really require the assistance of these professionals.

Traditionally an alarm signal is sent to a central monitoring station. The central station operator is then supposed to call the premise to see if there is someone there that is available to provide the correct pass code in the event of a false alarm. If the central station operator can not reach anyone at the premise then with a “non enhanced call verification procedure” they would directly call the responding police department or fire department to respond. With an “enhanced call verification alarm” the same procedures would happen, but in the event the contact at the premise can not be reached the central station operator would call at least one additional number (at least two phone calls) on the call list (the second phone number is usually a cell phone number). If that second number was unsuccessful as well, then the central station operator protocol is to call the police and/or fire department immediately.

Studies found on average that by making the central station operator make a minimum of two calls before dispatching there was a higher likelihood of reaching someone who could determine if the alarm signal was indeed a false alarm. Studies estimate that this enhanced call verification procedure directly results in a 30-50% reduction in false alarms. Smaller municipalities deal with false alarms differently, but overall the trend of adopting ordinances like “enhanced call verification” is growing in an attempt to try and combat the time and costs of unneeded dispatches.

GeoArm’s Videofied product provides another layer of scrutiny. When an alarm occurs, a Videofied system sends a 10 second clip to the GeoArm central station where a trained operator immediately views and interprets the clip. If an operator determines the video to show a burglary or other crime in progress, he or she can immediately dispatch the police. Burglary in progress dispatches get expedited response from most authorities compared to a traditional alarm system dispatch. The operator can also determine from the video other common causes of a false alarm such as a restless pet and prevent the alarm system owner from potentially incurring false alarm fees.


June 15, 2009

GeoArm and AlarmNet Partner

GeoArm, West Palm Beach, FL and Alarmnet, Syosset, NY, a division of Honeywell security, have joined forces to provide Alarmnet’s patented Web based monitoring technology. Alarmnet has been the nationwide leader in alarm communications technologies since 1986. Alarmnet’s state of the art network contains dedicated communication hardware platforms and services that provide extensive radio coverage in the United States and Canada. These platforms are redundant with back-up databases housed in two separate locations. In the event one system went down due to a catastrophic event the other system would back it up and take over without any service interruption. Both Alarmnet locations are housed with generator and battery backup to safeguard against threat to help guarantee consistent service without any interruptions. Additionally, GeoArm’s Central Station is redundant and backed up off premise to ensure a two layer signal integrity platform unseen in the industry today. Alarmnet’s network performs automatic supervision and maintenance of the network to ensure each and every signal is free of interference. GeoArm clients using Honeywell iGSM communicators have their signals (actual alarm, trouble messages) sent using Alarmnet’s network first to Alarmnet and then directly forwarded to the UL approved Central Monitoring Station. This expedited alarm reporting network reduces the reporting time and improves dispatch time when compared to a typical dialer-based signal. This use of superior equipment and Alarmnet’s network platform has helped distinguish GeoArm as a technologically forward looking company. Existing AlarmNet customers can now also transfer their AlarmNet Monitoring to GeoArm to take advantage of excellent alarm monitoring rates.


June 8, 2009

New Look LYNX from Honeywell

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Honeywell has redesigned the LYNX control panel with a sleek new style. You can now get the new LYNXR-2 control panel at Check out the new LYNXR-2 all-in-one control panel. The new look LYNXR-2 is also included standard in GeoArm’s Honeywell wireless security system kit.

Honeywell's new LYNXR-2 Control Panel

Honeywell's new LYNXR-2 Control Panel


June 6, 2009

GeoArm Wireless Security Systems

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Thanks to advances in wireless technology, securing your home or business has never been easier. All GeoArm wireless security systems are shipped drectly from us, completely pre-programmed to your specifications! With a GeoArm system, you can eliminate expensive and inconvenient installations. Our security products can be mounted with the included velcro, or mounting screws.

Because they are wireless, you can add new parts to your GeoArm burglar alarm system whenever you want. Building a new room? want a monitored smoke detector? Order it on and we can help you add it to your system. If you move, you can simply take down your wireless security system and move it to your new home. Don’t buy all the drawbacks of a traditional istallation with that big price tag. Get a GeoArm wireless system today!


June 2, 2009

Transfer your Monitoring & Save!

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Do you already have an alarm system installed in your home or business? Tired of paying the high monthly rates of ADT or other alarm dealers? Now you can transfer your alarm monitoring service to GeoArm’s UL listed Central Station for as little as $10/month!

Pay less and get more, with GeoArm’s 30 years of industry experience and helpful technical support team. Don’t pay more just so you can pay again for expensive service calls! Our central station can remotely reprogram most alarm systems, and supports a variety of cellular alarm communication systems including Honeywell’s AlarmNet, GE’s and DSC’s Connect 24.

In addition to traditional alarm monitoring service, GeoArm also offers interactive monitoring services, video surveillance features, and video verification monitoring.

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